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What Goes HereEdit

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Lists and ComparisonsEdit

Specific ModsEdit

  • Better Cities — An overhaul and expansion of the cities
  • Cobl — A list of Cobl (Common Oblivion) based mods
  • Cyrodiil Re-Loaded — A content restoration mod and expansion project, adding NPCs, quests, dialogue and more (formerly Oblivion Nouveau Uncut)
  • Cyrodiil Travel Services — Introduces travel agents, Divine Intervention, Mark and Recall, and Mages Guild Guides
  • FCOM — Compatibility guide for FCOM and related mods
  • Midas Magic — A mod which adds over 160 new and unique spells
  • Nehrim: At Fate's Edge — A total conversion mod for Oblivion
  • Oldblivion — Software that allows Oblivion to run on older graphics cards (mirror)
  • Order of the Dragon — A quest mod for Oblivion
  • Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul — An overhaul of the difficulty for Oblivion
  • Stirk — Originally part of the Tamriel Rebuilt project, adds the island of Stirk to the west of Anvil
  • Unique Landscapes — A collection of landscape overhaul mods intended to make outdoor locations more diverse
  • Unofficial Oblivion Patch — Unofficial patches by Quarn and Kivan

See AlsoEdit

  • Modification — Information about installation and management of player-created mods
  • Modding — Technical information about creating your own mods for Oblivion
  • MOD-Oblivion Subforum — A place on the UESP forums for discussions and questions about the CS and mods for Oblivion