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This page lists 1) Cobl based mods and 2) mods that have been included into Cobl. New Cobl mod listing can be added, but please follow these rules:

  • Please keep entries to 1 to 2 sentences. One sentence to describe the mod and one sentence to describe the use of Cobl is sufficient.
  • Please keep entries in alphabetical order and under the appropriate heading.
  • Don't list mods that use nothing more than the Options or Guide Book menus.

Official HomesEdit

Mod Name Author Details
Artificerens Battlehorn Coblized Artificeren Adds the Luggage, Alchemy Sorter, Grinder, Dinner Plate, and Water Wells to Battlehorn Fighter's Stronghold official mod.
Basement for COBl XJDHDR Adds a basement with Cobl items to all buyable houses in Cyrodiil (same basement in each case).
Better Benirus Manor Khettienna Polishes & brightens Benirus Manor. COBL version includes alchemy storage shelves, dinner plate, water sources, static alchemy equipment, and a grinder.
DLC Frostcrag Cobl Addons Ayleid_People This mod adds The Luggage and a grinder to Frostcrag Spire (Original).
Frostcrag Alchemy Sorter Shiva7663 Adds an alchemy sorter to Frostcrag Spire official mod.
Frostcrag Spire Cobl Alchemy Station coldacid Adds static alchemy equipment to the alchemy station in Frostcrag Spire.
Knights of the Nine Cobl addon migck Adds Cobl amenities to the Priory of the Nine from the KotN official plugin, available once the priory is restored. Also adds content to make it more home-like.
Princess Battlehorn Castle Princess Stomper Upgrade to the Battlehorn Castle official mod. Adds alchemy sorter, pool area, and extra sleeping area for companions.
Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale Princess Stomper Upgrade to the Cheydinhal buyable house. Adds alchemy sorter and COBL items as part of renovation/extension to add 4 bedrooms, pool, gardens, kitchen (COBL-script taps), bathroom, living room, dining room, study and 2 balconies. The Luggage is moved to one of the upstairs bedrooms.
Waterfront Basement Enterprise2001 Adds a basement to the IC Waterfront District shack with added storage, reading area, etc. Includes Cobl grinder and mages altar.

Homes and PlacesEdit

Mod Name Author Details
Alchemists Cave - COBL Phaedra Adds the following to Trollf's Alchemists Cave: Alchemy Sorter, Grinder, Mage Alters, The Luggage, some Dinner Plates, Water Barrels, and some new food and drink items.
Anoriel's Crossroads Manor Anoriel A large manor east of Skingrad. Many Cobl features!
Better Cities Bananasplit - Wolfslady - Reckless - Etc. Massive improvements to all cities. As of 2.0.7, this includes Cobl compatible water wells. (You'll need to install the optional Better Cities - Cobl.esp patch.)
Clamshell Cottage COBL Korana A functional fishing cottage, now with COBL support.
CLS Sailboats COBL CLShade Adds a pilotable sailboat with a cabin that includes The Luggage and an Alchemy Sorter.
Dragon Captions The Elder Council Dragon Captions Version 2.0.3 COBL added ingredients, books, food, drinks etc from the provinces to the provincial offices, the imperial cafe and some Arenthia shops and taverns, added cobl water support to Arenthia, added the cobl luggage to the Arenthia rentable rooms.
I Wanna Bayou a House! Tchos Includes The Luggage, alchemy sorter, grinder, dinner plate, water source, static water mesh for buckets, and alchemy effect catalogue.
Millstone Farm COBL Korana Adds The Luggage, addds a grinder, adds the alchemy sorting scripts to the ingredient cabinet, adds a water barrel in the kitchen, and replaces Millstone's eggs and butter with COBL versions for egg hunt/cooking/baking/butter churn functions.
Princess Imperial City Apartment - COBL Phaedra Adds the following to PrincessStomper's Princess Imperial City Apartment: Alchemy Sorter, Grinder, Mage Altar, The Luggage, some Dinner Plates, a Water Barrel, and some new food and drink items.
Prisoner's Campsite Phaedra A campsite above the Imperial City Sewer Exit. Includes the following COBL items: The Luggage, a Dinner Plate linked to an alchemy storage container (w/ COBL alchemy script), a camp water barrel, and some new food and drink items.
Salan's Cellar Wrye A pocket dimension cellar. Includes alchemical sorter, grinder, dinner plate and mage altar from Cobl.
Schorched's Shack Schorched Shackhome with alchemy sorter and grinder.
Shadowcrest Vineyard COBL Korana Large interactive vineyard & manor which expands on the history of Shadowbanish wine with a dark secret. Includes: ingredient shelves & sorter, the Luggage, grinder, COBL food, dinner plate, and water well.
Skingrad Market washington This mod adds a market stand in Skingrad. Uses ingredients from COBL.
Summonable Private Quarters LazyMonk A small, comfortable, useful room for the purpose of storing your gear, resting your head when needed, and making your spells and potions in peace and solitude. (Cobl Alchemical Sorter and The Luggage.)
The Woodcutter's Cabin Korana A rustic cabin in a snowy mountain valley with several interactive features and COBL support (see download page/readme)


Mod Name Author Details
Choices and Consequences Lingwei Skill checks and faction reputation for the Mages and Fighters Guilds, additional quests for the Dark Brotherhood, written directions for vanilla quests and a toggleable quest arrow.
CLS Craftybits OBSE CLShade Craftybits, a crafting mod that includes cooking, now supports the dinner plate via a glue esp. All craftybits specific foods are available through the dinner plate.
COBL-tweaks for Frans dewshine A tweaked version of COBL-Tweaks.esp designed to preserve the leveling stats of Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items mod. Has everything COBL-Tweaks does and more.
FF Real Thirst, Cobl EggDropSoap An esp-mastered mod that makes Cobl water sources work with FF Real Thirst.
Item Interchange Vacuity Distributes ingredients from a large number of mods across vendors and npcs from other mods. E.g. Cobl's lore ingredients will be sold by shady street vendor added by another mod. Requires use of Wrye Bash 1.44 or higher.
Let the People Drink! Khornate, Qazaaq Adds an aqueduct from the Charcoal Cave waterfalls to the Imperial City as well as fountains in several Imperial City districts. The fountains are marked as water source and it also includes a Cobl options menu to activate the compatibility options.
Real Hunger, Cobl Dominic Watson, Thingamajig, Cipscis, Wrye Cobl version of Real Hunger. (player must eat!) Uses Cobl dinner plate.
Spell Components Mentalor Its all very well collecting every ingredient you come across, but without something to do with them it gets kind of pointless...and potions only get rid of so many. This mod is an attempt to make more use of glut of ingredients in the game.
Vim and Vigor Advanced Kearsage, FritZ FretZ, Ssenkrad V&V Advanced is a realism mod for role-players. It simulates the need for food, water, and sleep. A side effect of these dependencies is the development of a cadence to play-style that separates day from night.
Wrye Shivering Death Wrye Immortality for the player after completing Shivering Isles main quest. Uses cobMort to handle mechanics of death, and cobSig to restrict other mods while player is in afterlife.
Wrye Morph Wrye Allows the player to shift between different forms, each with their own class, level, stats, equipment, etc. New forms can be created at will, or existing NPCs can be "doppelganged", so that you assume ownership of their items, gain their faction memberships, etc. Somewhat complicated to setup and run, so it's for advanced players only. Uses some specialized support from Cobl.

Included ModsEdit

These mods are included in Cobl. For some of these, Cobl replaces the non-cobl version of the mod. For others, the non-cobl version becomes redundant but can still be used alongside Cobl.

Mod Name Author Details
Ayleid Meteoric Weapons MadCat221, RDjeke Powerful Ayleid weapons with a nighttime magicka regeneration boost.
Beer! Tarnsman Several specialty beers to enliven taverns and homes.
Daggerfall Books MrDarkSim Books from Daggerfall.
First Edition Guide to the Empire MrDarkSim First Edition Guide to the Empire.
Gem Dust Turgothh Gem dust (alchemical ingredient) that can be obtained by grinding gemstones.
Ingredient Storage Shelves Phoenix Amon Adds alchemical sorters to the eight buyable homes in Oblivion.
Item Interchange Vacuity Cross-pollinates items between mods, making the world more integrated.
Morrowind Books MrDarkSim Books from Morrowind.
Morrowind Drinks washington Beverages from TES3 Morrowind.
Mystic Elves Ren Included in Cobl as "Hidden Elves".
Tabaxi Race Luchaire Included in Cobl as "Ohmes-Raht".
Tamriel NPCs Revamped Veritas Secreto Improves faces of all NPCs throughout Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles. The version included in Cobl also includes the eyes and hair changes by bg2408.
Tamrielic Ingredients Tarnsman Ingredients from Morrowind and Daggerfall.
Xivilai Race Alien Slof Playable version of the Xivilai race.