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The modspaces are the collection of namespaces dedicated to documentation of all things Elder Scrolls modding, hacking, datamining, and technical.

Mod GuidelinesEdit

  • Content-Focus: The main focus of mod documentation should be on the content that it adds to the game. If there's not much content, there's not much to write about!
    • This does not exclude "small" mods.
    • The focus is on the content, not the delivery of the content, so download and installation instructions are not required. External links to distribution sites such as Bethesda, Steam Workshop and Nexus Mods can be used to direct the user to that information.
  • Completing Articles: For any given mod, there is likely to be significantly smaller userbase compared to an official release. In order to avoid pages being left as stubs indefinitely, try to collaborate with other editors who may be interested in documenting the same mod.
    • Practical documentation that will help the reader complete the content (e.g. walkthroughs of quests, locations and major characters) is more important than complete documentation of every aspect of the mod (e.g. transcripts of all books and dialogue).
  • Informing, not Endorsing: The aim of the wiki is to provide information for fans and players. The inclusion of a mod here is for informative purposes only, and should not be seen as an endorsement of that mod.
  • Open Documentation Style: Mod documentation should not be treated any different from documentation of official content as set out in the Style Guide. Effectively, modspaces should be treated in the same way as gamespaces.


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