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Have you already left Cyrodiil behind? Then you do not know
what happened after the death of the Emperor's son, do you?

The Oblivion gates are closed, the Amulet of Kings shattered,
but the Empire is not saved. Rebels spread fear and terror
in the counties of Cyrodiil. Meanwhile, talk about the old
Sword Prophecy is getting ever louder. Will the hero of Kvatch
again prove worthy and be able to save the Empire from chaos?

This is a wiki for Order of the Dragon/Orden des Drachen, a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This wiki will contain spoilers, both for Oblivion and for Order of the Dragon. Order of the Dragon is a quest mod originally written and released in German by Rung, Diener RE, Ryan, Lazarus, and Katan. An English version translated by WalkerInShadows is also available for download.


  • The German version is available from the following sites: Nexus Mods.
  • The English version is available from the following sites: Nexus Mods.

IMPORTANT: The English version has only the esp and videos - you must download the BSA from one of the German sites!

Several patches by KadVenku are available here.

ODD is compatible with Better Cities via patches available on the Better Cities file page.

NEW: Slangens has created an in-game map for the English version. Download it here.

How to Start

Once you have received the Imperial Dragon Armor after finishing the original game's main quest, head to a town outside of the Imperial City.

Trailers and Videos

There are a number of trailer videos available on Youtube. Unfortunately, they're all voiced in German, but if you just want to check out the graphics and such, they give you a good idea of what to expect.

Presentation of the work for and with the actors of Oblivion Mod "The Order of the Dragon" with many characters, dialogues and some backgrounds:

A Youtube user named Tiber Octum has also made a series of 21 "Let's Play Oblivion Quest Mods - Orden des Drachen" videos. View them here.

Mod Information

Tech Support

  • Readme — From version 2014.
  • Installation — Installing using Wrye Bash, Oblivion Mod Manager, or manually.
  • FAQ — Some frequently asked questions.