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Hlidara Mothril
(RefID: 00035336)
Home City Leyawiin
House Castle Leyawiin
Race High Elf Gender Female
Level 8 Class Noble
RefID 00035336 BaseID 00034E8D
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 235
Responsibility 70 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Chorrol Citizen; People who live in the Private Quarters; Leyawiin Castle; Leyawiin; Chorrol Castle
Hlidara Mothril

Hlidara Mothril is a High Elf noble working in Castle Leyawiin as Countess Alessia Caro's chaplain and advisor. She supports Alessia's political stance and takes her function very seriously, to the point where she follows Alessia everywhere from the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep. However, during the Thieves Guild quest Ahdarji's Heirloom it becomes apparent that even she cannot stomach the controversial ways of dealing with non-human races in the Castle Leyawiin dungeon.

Her room is located in the northeastern part of the private quarters and she sleeps there every night between midnight and 6am. After waking up, she immediately seeks out the Countess, who will stay in her quarters until 8am. Hlidara will then follow Alessia to her throne in the County Hall and will stay by her side for five hours, also when Alessia decides to randomly seek out her friend Numeen between 10am and 1pm. At 3pm, she will escort the Countess and her bodyguard on a daily four-hour trip to the Great Chapel of Zenithar. They leave the Chapel at 7pm, in order to reach the castle before the traditional formal dinner starts at 8pm. When the Countess leaves the table at 11pm, Hlidara follows her up to the private quarters for one hour of wandering, before they both go their separate ways and find their beds at midnight. On Turdas, when the Countess visits Mahei at 6pm for a four-hour meal, Hlidara will patiently wait outside Mahei's front door until she returns to the Castle at 8pm for dinner.

The only exception to this schedule is during the Sanguine quest, when she will patiently wait next to the dining Countess all day long and only sleep between midnight and 6am. This behavior goes on until you have cast the Stark Reality spell. If Alessia dies, Hlidara will have nobody to follow and, as a result, will stay in bed all day long and only get up for the 8pm dinner. She will keep eating until midnight, then head back to bed.

On the 15th of every month, Hlidara will, after waking up at 6am, quickly seek out Alessia to accompany her on her monthly trip to visit her mother, Countess Arriana Valga of Chorrol. Both Hlidara and Alessia will take the trip by foot or on horseback (see Notes) and their arrival time will depend on what they choose. Unfortunately, Alessia also suffers from a huge amount of bugs during this trip and so will Hlidara; the two of them will often find themselves trapped in a loop and travel back and forth between Chorrol and Leyawiin. If they somehow manage to stay in Chorrol until midnight, Hlidara will sleep in the Castle Private Quarters for seven hours. At 7am on the 17th, they will return to Leyawiin.

Hlidara wears middle-class clothing consisting of the rare zero-weight forester's shirt, a pair of tan linens, quilted shoes, and a leveled piece of unenchanted jewelry. She carries a useful raft of castle keys and a small amount of gold.


When you approach her, she asks the following:

"Oh my! Are you an adventurer?"

She, along with some other citizens, thinks that Alessia's policies are well intended as she says when you first meet her:

"I am Hlidara Mothril. Lady Leyawiin's chaplain and chief advisor. I assist Her Ladyship so that her enlightened policies might achieve the greatest possible influence upon the affairs of County Leyawiin."

When asked about Leyawiin, she will express even more approval for Alessia's policies and how they ought to transform Leyawiin into a more Imperial influenced county:

"Leyawiin is a state in transition. It has long been a respected country making moderate cultural and economic contributions to the Empire. However, Leyawiin must move towards the mainstream of Imperial culture, both in political and economical affairs".

When you exit conversation, she will say:

"I think I hear milady calling."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-related EventsEdit

Ahdarji's HeirloomEdit

She is your main informant during Ahdarji's Heirloom quest, telling you about a secret passage beneath the Castle and Alessia's daily schedule. During the quest many people will direct you to her in order to find out more about the Countess, though you will have to sweeten her disposition towards you if you want her to spill the beans. Deeh the Scalawag and Rancid Ra'dirsha will tell you:

"I don't know where she keeps the ring, but I know who does. Talk to Hlidara Mothril, the Countess' handmaiden. She eats dinner in the castle at the eighth bell. You may have to sweet talk her, but she knows all about Alessia Caro's habits and schedules."

On the topic of the Recovered Caro family ring she will provide a wealth of information:

"Countess Caro is so relieved to have the ring back. It's been missing for many years. She wears it constantly. Well, not all the time. I mean, she puts it in her jewelry box for baths and at night. No proper lady would wear her jewelry to bed." (if disposition is 70 or higher)
"Lady Alessia frowns on her staff talking about her personal life. You understand, I'm sure." (if disposition is lower than 70)

During the quest other Leyawiin Castle members will also refer you to Hlidara on this topic:

"The Countess is very happy to have her ring back. I don't think she has taken it off for days. If you want to hear the whole story, talk to Hlidara." (if disposition is 70 or higher)
"I don't think it would be appropriate for me to talk about private family matters with a stranger." (if disposition is lower than 70)

Although she approves of Alessia's political ideas, she is not so happy about her torture chamber, as she will express when she informs you about its existence on the topic of Dark secrets in castle Leyawiin:

"Shh! It's too dangerous to be heard talking about that. The Countess has a secret passage somewhere in the basement that leads to her private quarters. That's where the torture chamber is. Sometimes I can hear the screams of the prisoners in my chambers." (if disposition is 70 or higher)


Her counterpart On-Staya Sundew will note her disapproval of Hlidara's vision:

"Leyawiin has always been a melting pot of races and cultures. Of course, racial and cultural conflicts produce inefficiencies and confusion... I fear Lady Leyawiin and Hlidara Mothril plan to push the minorities aside and establish a bland, Imperial-dominated culture here in Leyawiin."

Tsavi, the Khajiit castle mage agrees:

"I have been happy enough in the Count's service. But I am not so happy about his lovely wife, and her Nibenean advisor. Lady Alessia is uncomfortable with Khajiit ways. And Argonian ways. And Dunmer ways. She is only comfortable with pure white-bread Nibeneans."

Unused DialogueEdit

A conversation was meant to be heard between the Countess and Hlidara during the related quest, before you obtained the ring. However, only the first line will ever be heard:

Hlidara: "You are in good spirits today, milady"
Alessia: "I feel so much better now that I have my ring back. That filthy Argonian actually had the temerity to try and ransom it to me!"
Hlidara: "I'm so happy for you, milady. I'm just so sorry he damaged it. Your finger swells up so when you wear it too long."
Alessia: "It's of no consequence. I'll just have to remember to remove it every night. It's your job to make sure my jewelry box is locked each night."
Hlidara: "Do not worry, milady. No harm shall come to your ring if I can help it."


  • If you are following Hlidara and Alessia when they leave for Chorrol, neither of them will acquire horses; if you are not in the vicinity, however, they will be riding if you encounter them along the road. Presumably they find their mounts somewhere along the way as they will never go near the stables.
  • Most of her packages are Accompany packages; this means that she will simply follow Alessia everywhere she goes. This also means that Hlidara will lose nearly all her packages if Alessia is dead, causing her to sleep twenty hours a day and only get out of bed for dinner at 8pm.


  • Hlidara was supposed to wander around in her Private Quarters during the Sanguine quest, but her Accompany package takes precedence, which causes her to stand next to Alessia during the dinner party and only return to her Quarters to sleep. She will keep doing this until you cast the Stark Reality spell since the quest-specific package tells her not to eat until you reach stage 30 of the quest. Also, if the Countess runs into the bug that causes her to be permanently stuck in her chair after the quest, Hlidara will show the exact same behavior.
  • Hlidara will not enter Mahei's house on Turdas because the door is owned by the Mahei Family faction, to which she doesn't belong.