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Oblivion:Armand Christophe's House

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Armand Christophe's House
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Console Location Code(s)
Imperial City, Waterfront District
Armand Christophe's House

Armand Christophe's House is a house along the northern side of the Waterfront District in the Imperial City. The house itself is situated across from Myvryna Arano's House and the Shack for Sale.

It is the sole residence of Thieves Guild Doyen, Armand Christophe, and consists of only one zone, Armand Christophe's House.


Armand Christophe

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Armand Christophe's HouseEdit

The interior of the house

In the main room, on the west wall sits a food cupboard and a clutter sack. On the east wall, at the foot of the bed, a chest of drawers holds clothing and another clutter sack sits next to the fireplace. On the other side of the fireplace sits a clutter barrel and another clutter sack, and in the northwest corner a table holds three apples, two cheese wedges, a loaf of bread and a flawless diamond. The alcove in the south end holds a bookshelf with a copy of Followers of the Gray Fox and a chest that contains clutter and a copy of the Speechcraft skill book Biography of the Wolf Queen. The alcove in the north end holds a clutter barrel and two food barrels.


  • There is no key to this location. Entering, however, is considered trespassing.
  • The three clutter sacks are the only containers in the house that do not respawn.