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A Doyen is a lieutenant of the Thieves Guild who will:

  • Give quests (special jobs) to Thieves Guild members.
  • Identify and give access to fences (members who will buy your stolen goods) when you have reached certain ranks.
  • Remove any active bounty for half the accrued price.
  • Promote you.

There are two doyens in the game before you get to meet the head of the Thieves Guild, the Gray Fox. See the Thieves Guild page for more information.

Armand ChristopheEdit

Armand Christophe is located in the Imperial City's Waterfront District. He can be found in his shack during normal daylight hours or in the Garden of Dareloth (behind Dareloth's house) at midnight. At the conclusion of the Thieves Guild questline he can be found in Dareloth's House.

  • Armand initiates you into the Thieves Guild upon completion of the quest May the Best Thief Win, during which he sells you lockpicks for 5 gold each.
  • When you choose the "Doyen" topic of conversation, Armand will say:
"The Doyen are the hands and eyes of the guildmaster. You take your orders from them. You get your favors from them. I am one Doyen and S'Krivva is the other."
  • Armand can promote you up to the level of Bandit, but will then hand you off to S'Krivva for further missions and advancement.


S'Krivva is a female Khajiit living in Bravil who handles higher level Thieves Guild members.

  • She is a skooma dealer on the side, so sometimes her house will be locked while she's making deliveries or having dinner. Don't pick the lock—she bites. You can also find her at The Lonely Suitor Lodge at dinner time, as well as all day on Tirdas and Turdas.
  • When you choose the "Doyen" topic of conversation, S'Krivva will say:
"The Doyen are the eyes and claws of the guildmaster. As a hunter, you take orders from them, and you get your favors from them. This one is a Doyen. Armand Christophe is a Doyen."
  • S'Krivva can promote you up to rank of Shadowfoot, at which point you will be called on by the Gray Fox himself for the rest of the Thieves Guild quests.