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Morrowind:Threvul Serethi

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Threvul Serethi (thervul serethi)
Home City Sadrith Mora
Store Thervul Serethi: Healer (map)
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 7 Class Healer Service
Gold 300 Mercantile Novice (10)
Spells Alteration SpellsConjuration SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 64 Magicka 94
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman)
Threvul Serethi

Threvul Serethi is a Dark Elf healer who has a shop in Sadrith Mora, where he sells ingredients, potions, and spells to all who need them (you do not need to be a member of House Telvanni, though you will receive a discount). Threvul is a restocking vendor of the following ingredients: Bittergreen Petals, Corprus Weepings, Hound Meat, Netch Leather, Scrib Jelly, Scuttle, Small Kwama Egg, and Wickwheat. Additionally, he owns three Violet Coprinus which grow in his shop. These will also restock, but only after the mushrooms have had a chance to grow back.


  • Threvul's first name is spelled "Thervul" in both the name of his shop and his Editor ID, but it is "Threvul" if you talk to him in person. Just a minor typo by the developers.


Threvul Serethi has the following spells for sale:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Great Feather 50   Feather 100 pts for 10 secs on Self
Holy Word 5   Turn Undead 5 pts for 60 secs on Target
Energy Leech 75   Absorb Fatigue 5-20 pts for 30 secs on Touch
Righteousness 4   Absorb Health 10 pts on Touch
Strong Reflect 63   Reflect 20-30 pts for 5 secs on Self
Powerwell 38   Fortify Magicka 5-20 pts for 60 secs on Self
Restore Endurance 19   Restore Endurance 5-20 pts for 30 secs on Self
Restore Luck 19   Restore Luck 5-20 pts for 30 secs on Self
Restore Speed 19   Restore Speed 5-20 pts for 30 secs on Self
Restore Strength 19   Restore Strength 5-20 pts for 30 secs on Self
Rilm's Cure 15   Cure Common Disease on Self
Seryn's Blessing 20   Resist Common Disease 20 pts for 10 secs on Self
Seryn's Gift 5   Cure Poison on Touch
Shield of the Armiger 75   Resist Blight Disease 30 pts for 10 secs on Self
Stamina 30   Restore Fatigue 10-30 pts for 30 secs on Self
Veloth's Grace 5   Restore Health 10 pts for 2 secs on Self
Vivec's Mercy 50   Resist Blight Disease 20 pts for 10 secs on Self