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Ilmeni Dren (ilmeni dren)
Home City Vivec
House St. Delyn Canal South-One
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 14 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 112 Magicka 122
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Hlaalu House Cousin(House Cousin)
Ilmeni Dren

Ilmeni Dren, a Dark Elf noble, is a House Cousin for House Hlaalu. Ilmeni Dren can be found at St. Delyn Canal South-One in Vivec. Ilmeni is Duke Vedam Dren's daughter. She is also one of Morrowind's most prominent anti-slavery campaigners, and leader of the Twin Lamps organization of abolitionists — which brings her into opposition to her uncle Orvas, owner of one of the biggest slave-run plantations in Vvardenfell.

At some point in the past, she had an affair with a Buoyant Armiger, who has had a glove of hers (given as a token of her affections) stolen from him. She has hired the Imperial Legion to find someone to recover it.

Related QuestsEdit

House HlaaluEdit

Imperial LegionEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Literacy CampaignEdit

"I am Ilmeni Dren, daughter of Duke Vedam Dren. Who are you and what are you doing here?"
"Business? How can you talk about business when people cannot read?"
people cannot read
"There are teachers in the Mages Guild, but they often do not have enough books to teach from. Go to a bookstore and find the books "Annotated Anuad" and "ABCs for Barbarians." Bring a copy of each of these to Vala Castraso in the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages"

After returning with the books: "Yes, it's a shame so many people cannot read."

people cannot read
"You have done a good deed for Vala Catraso's students. You have my gratitude."

The Twin LampsEdit

"Yes, %PCName?"
"The real business of Vvardenfell is slavery."
"Oh, have you seen the twin lamps?"
They light the way to freedom.
"I am always glad to meet another member. There is a family in Ald Velothi, the Arvels, who need our help. Go to Ald Velothi and speak with Galyn Arvel."
"I am sorry. I thought we might have a common interest."
"I am sorry. I thought we might have a common interest."

If you talk to her again:

"Yes, %PCName?"
"As I asked, go to Ald Velothi and speak with Galyn Arvel."

After finishing the objective:

"Yes, %PCName?"
If J'Saddha died:
If J'Saddha was rescued:
"I heard that you were responsible for the death of that poor Khajiit in Ald Velothi. I should have known better than to trust a foreigner."
"I heard that you helped the Arvel family. When you have time, speak with me again, for there is still much work to done."

Free Hides-His-FootEdit

"Yes, %PCName?"
"The real business of Vvardenfell is slavery."
"The slaves on the Dren Plantation suffer the worst. One of them knows things about Orvas Dren that are valuable to the Twin Lamps. We can use him to blackmail Orvas Dren. I want you to free Hides-His-Foot from the Dren Plantation. Escort him to Sterdecan's Farm. Hides-His-Foot knows the way."

After freeing Hides-His-Foot:

"Together we will work to end slavery in Vvardenfell."
"You have saved Hides-His-Foot from slavery. I am grateful to you and I will speak to my father on your behalf."
"You gave done all that I would ask. Continue to do the work of the Twin Lamps."
"You have done all that I would ask. Speak with Crassius Curio or my father, Duke Dren."

Brallion's RingEdit

"I am Ilmeni Dren, daughter of Duke Vedam Dren. Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Brallion's Ring
"What do I want with a slaver's ring?"
The ring is for you.
"This is for me? What are you suggesting?"
I stole it for you.
"How could I wear a ring like that when there is so much suffering in Tamriel? If you want my appreciation, there are better ways to earn it than fancy gifts."
In the name of the Bal Molagmer, I return this to you.
"The Bal Molagmer? I remember tales of them told to me when I was a child, and I have heard whisperings recently that they were returning. I accept this ring as a symbol of good faith."
Never mind.
"Keep it. I wouldn't wear that gaudy thing anyway."

Maiden's TokenEdit

  • Greetings:
    • "Is that my glove?"
  • Ilmeni Dren:
    • "Yes?"
  • maiden's token:
    • "Yes, it is my glove."
  • my glove:
    • "Where did you... No, I need not ask. Will you return the glove to me?"
      • Yes, take it:
        • "Thank you, %PCName. I am in your debt."
      • No:
        • "What do you want, %PCName? I will not pay you or influence my father over this matter."
    • "We won't be so careless in the future."