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Morrowind:Maiden's Token

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Recover a maiden's embroidered gauntlet from Varona Nelas in Assumanu.
Quest Giver: Imsin the Dreamer at Buckmoth Legion Fort
Location(s): Assumanu, Vivec
Prerequisite Quest: Rescue Joncis Dalomax
Reward: None
Disposition: +10 (Imsin the Dreamer)
+20 (Ilmeni Dren)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Imperial Legion)
ID: IL_MaidenToken
Required Rank: None
Protect Ilmeni Dren from an embarrassment

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Imsin the Dreamer in Buckmoth Legion Fort about Orders.
  2. Travel to Assumanu, and recover Ilmeni's glove from Varona Nelas.
  3. (Optional) Return the glove to Ilmeni Dren in Vivec.
  4. Go back to Imsin the Dreamer and report your success.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Imsin the Dreamer in the Buckmoth Legion Fort will ask you to recover an embroidered glove that is being used by a Telvanni outcast to blackmail a Buoyant Armiger. This Armiger is apparently the lover of a noble Dunmer lady whom Imsin does not name. Imsin asks you to recover this glove at all costs.

Retrieve the GloveEdit

The Telvanni is Varona Nelas, in the cave of Assumanu on the south shore of the long island, northeast of Khuul. You'll find two other sorcerers hiding out in the cave, who can summon several creatures. You can avoid them by making a right when the cave splits. You can either kill or persuade Varona to give you the glove, she will not attack you first. Killing Allimir on the way in however will cause Varona to attack you should you ask for the maiden's token - and discover that it is called "Ilmeni's glove", a fairly obvious hint as to the identity of the Buoyant Armiger's lover.

Return the GloveEdit

You can return the glove to the maiden, Ilmeni Dren in Vivec's St. Delyn Canton, Canal South-One, or you can simply return the glove to Imsin. You receive the disposition boost with Ilmeni only if you return the glove to her. Either way, return to Imsin to receive her congratulations. This is the last quest you receive from Imsin the Dreamer.


  • If Varona Nelas has been killed before this quest is given, Imsin will say the matter is settled and will not accept the glove. Her disposition towards you still rises, and you receive the faction reputation.
  • Sometimes, even if you didn't kill Varona before the quest was given, Imsin will not accept the glove and simply say the matter is settled, thus letting you keep the glove.
  • If you pickpocket the glove from Varona before asking her about the "maiden's token", you will receive a duplicate glove.


  •   On the Xbox One port, Ilmeni Dren is not present in her home at Vivec, St. Delyn Canal South-One. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Maiden's Token (IL_MaidenToken)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Varona Nelas is blackmailing a Buoyant Armiger. She has an embroidered glove which was given to this Buoyant Armiger as a token of affection. It would cause a scandal if it were known that they are lovers. Imsin the Dreamer asked me to recover this glove from Varona Nelas and bring it to her. Varona Nelas can be found in Assumanu, which is southeast of Ald Redaynia.
50 Varona Nelas agreed to give me the glove, which was given by Ilmeni Dren to a Buoyant Armiger. Ilmeni Dren can be found in Vivec.
70 I returned the embroidered glove to Ilmeni Dren.
100 Finishes quest  I brought the embroidered glove to Imsin the Dreamer. She will make sure it is returned to the Buoyant Armiger it belongs to.
110 Finishes quest  Imsin the Dreamer thanked me for giving the glove back to Ilmeni Dren.
120 Finishes quest  I told Imsin the Dreamer that Varona Nelas was dead.

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