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Morrowind:Brallion's Ring

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Give a girl a stolen ring.
Quest Giver: Gentleman Jim Stacey in Vivec, Foreign Quarter
Location(s): Vivec, Sadrith Mora
Prerequisite Quest: Enamor
Next Quest: Books for Vala
Reward: None
Disposition: +10 (Gentleman Jim Stacey)
+20 (Ilmeni Dren)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Thieves Guild)
ID: TG_SS_GreedySlaver
Required Rank: Footpad
Brallion in Fara's Hole in the Wall

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Jim Stacey about Bal Molagmer.
  2. Travel to Sadrith Mora to steal Brallion's Ring.
  3. Find Brallion downstairs in Fara's Hole in the Wall and steal or buy the ring from him.
  4. Deliver the ring to Ilmeni Dren in Vivec's St. Delyn Canton.
  5. Return to Jim to complete the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


For the fifth quest in this series, Jim Stacey asks you to steal Brallion's Ring (from Brallion no less, a right slave trader) and give it to Ilmeni Dren, a secret abolitionist. Brallion can be found in Fara's Hole in the Wall in Sadrith Mora and Ilmeni can be found in Vivec's St. Delyn Canton.

Brallion's RingEdit

Travel to Sadrith Mora and find Brallion downstairs in Fara's Hole in the Wall (he's normally found outside of an alchemist's shop if you're not doing the quest). You can either buy the ring from him or steal it (if you kill him without buying the ring from him first, you cannot complete the quest). When buying the ring, Brallion initially demands 1000 drakes. You can haggle this down to 800 or to 500 (disposition must be above 70). Once you have the ring, return it to Ilmeni in the name of the Bal Molagmer. She has an apartment in St. Delyn Canalworks, South-One, located downstairs on the outside (don't enter the waistworks, just go around the canton and you'll find her apartment on the south side).

Return to Jim in Vivec for his congratulations.


  • You can actually kill Brallion and still complete the quest, as long as you kill him after buying the ring first. Buy the ring from him (never mind its outrageous price, you'll get the money back), and then taunt him into a fight and kill him. Because you had already completed the transaction, this way you get your money back and the ring.
  • You can also pickpocket the gold back, but doing this without very high Sneak; a custom Fortify Sneak spell; or stronger Fortify Agility spell may prove difficult.
  • Brallion is also wearing the unique Amulet of Igniis, which cannot be pickpocketed from him. He disappears after this quest, so it is advisable to kill him or you miss your chance to get the amulet forever.
  • Handing the ring to Ilmeni when not wearing the Gloves of the Bal Molagmer still completes the quest, but you only receive a +10 disposition boost from her.
  • If you buy the ring from Brallion for 500 gold, his disposition towards you jumps by ten. If you offer 500 gold but don't have it, his disposition drops by ten. If you offer 800, his disposition jumps by 15, with a -15 penalty if you don't have the cash.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Brallion's Ring (TG_SS_GreedySlaver)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
5 Gentleman Jim Stacey wishes for me to do something involving a slaver in the name of the Bal Molagmer.
10 Gentleman Jim Stacey asked me to steal Brallion's ring and give it to Ilmeni Dren. Brallion is a wealthy slave-trader in the Great Market of Sadrith Mora, and Ilmeni Dren is a secret abolitionist in St. Delyn Canton in Vivec.
20 I nicked Brallion's ring right off his hand. The Bal Molagmer would have been proud.
30 I bought Brallion's ring from him. It was a poor investment, but the obvious duty of the Bal Molagmer.
50 Ilmeni Dren accepted Brallion's ring, but questioned my knowledge of the Bal Molagmer. Perhaps I should have worn the gloves.
55 Ilmeni Dren accepted Brallion's ring, and seemed to have stories of the Bal Molagmer.
100 Finishes quest  Gentleman Jim Stacey thanked me for stealing Brallion's ring and delivering it to Ilmeni Dren.
110 Finishes quest  Stacey was unhappy to learn that Ilmeni Dren is dead, and does not want the Bal Molagmer to be associated with her death.
120 Finishes quest  Stacey learned that Brallion was dead, and did not want to be associated with his death.

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