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Thieves' Tools can be used to unlock doors and containers and disarm traps. Lockpicks are used for opening locks, and Probes are used for disarming traps. To use them, equip them like you would a weapon, point at the door or container, and "attack".

Your chance of success depends on your Security skill, the difficulty of the lock (in the case of lockpicking - traps have no difficulty) and the quality of the tools you're using. The formula for "% chance to unlock" is:

((Security + (Agility/5) + (Luck/10)) * Lockpick multiplier * (0.75 + 0.5 * Current Fatigue/Maximum Fatigue) - Lock Level)%

Lockpicks and Probes have a limited number of uses before they break, so you should carry a decent supply of them if your skill is low. There are five standard grades of lockpicks, and six grades of probes. However, none of the secret master grade equipment made it into the final game aside from Sirollus Saccus' repair hammers, and only three of the grades available at vendors. Additionally, there is The Skeleton Key, a high quality Lockpick which is acquired by completing the quest line for the Thieves Guild.


Item Weight Value Uses Quality
Apprentice's Lockpick Apprentice's Lockpick
0.25 10 25 1.0
Journeyman's Lockpick Journeyman's Lockpick
0.25 50 25 1.1
Master's Lockpick Master's Lockpick
0.25 100 25 1.3
Grandmaster's Pick Grandmaster's Pick
0.25 200 25 1.4
Secret Master's Lockpick Secret Master's Lockpick
0.25 500 25 1.5
The Skeleton Key The Skeleton Key
0.50 1000 50 5.0


Item Weight Value Uses Quality
Bent Probe Bent Probe
0.25 2 5 0.25
Apprentice's Probe Apprentice's Probe
1.00 10 25 0.50
Journeyman's Probe Journeyman's Probe
0.25 50 25 0.75
Master's Probe Master's Probe
0.25 100 25 1.00
Grandmaster's Probe Grandmaster's Probe
0.25 200 25 1.25
Secret Master's Probe Secret Master's Probe
0.25 500 25 1.50