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Ra'Zhid (Ra'zhid)
Home Town Hla Oad
Location Fatleg's Drop Off
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 7 Class Smuggler
Other Information
Health 74 Magicka 90
Alarm 90 Fight 50

Ra'Zhid is a Khajiit smuggler working out of Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad. He has some stolen Dwemer artifacts that need to be recovered.

He wears a netch leather cuirass with matching boots, cloth bracers, and a common shirt with matching pants. He carries his key to the chest that contains the stolen Dwemer artifacts. Like all Khajiit, he can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods; otherwise he knows no spells.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Ra'Zhid's Dwemer ArtifactsEdit

Speaking with Ra'Zhid leads nowhere, no matter how much you attempt to persuade him:

Dwemer artifacts
"What Dwemer artifacts?"

If you have the artifacts on your person he will say:

"Ra'Zhid sees that you've been sniffing around. Will you give those artifacts back to Ra'Zhid, or will Ra'Zhid kill you?"
Give him the artifacts
"So you know who's who around here. Ra'Zhid does not have the Dwemer artifacts. Understand? Run along, kitten."
Keep the artifacts
"Ra'Zhid teaches you a lesson."