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There is a legend about the "Stone Fire Men" who brought the light of justice to the land. Though the Bal Molagmer were thieves, they stole only from the unjust and gave to those in need. They vanished early in the Third Era, and have not been seen since. Special gloves were used by the Bal Molagmer to carry their burning stones from the Red Mountain. To rekindle the fires of the Bal Molagmer, wear the gloves and speak with Gentleman Jim Stacey.

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  • This is technically a Subfaction within the Thieves Guild.
  • You can get the gloves (Left Bal Molagmer Glove and Right Bal Molagmer Glove) from Gentleman Jim Stacey if you are a member of the Thieves Guild.
  • If you achieve Master Thief before completing all the Bal Molagmer quests, Jim will leave the book shop for parts unknown, presumably to be with his family, and any remaining quests will not be offered.