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Console Location Code(s)
Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen
Gnisis, [-11,11]

Arvs-Drelen is one of the few Velothi towers to be near an inhabited area, Gnisis.

It is currently, and has been for some time, the home of the Telvanni mage, Baladas Demnevanni - who is currently engaged in Dwemer research, and steering well clear of the cut-throat Telvanni politics (and also refusing to pay any taxes to the Imperials, on the grounds that he was there first). While he doesn't take kindly to strangers, he prefers to avoid violence and can become a valuable ally if treated the right way - especially if given the chance to show off his expertise in his subject. Nevertheless, if attacked, he is fully capable of defending himself, with the assistance of two unusual tame pets - a daedroth and a Dwemer centurion.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Baladas Demnevanni Male Dunmer Sorcerer House Telvanni Master(Master) 35 391 200 90 30
Ragash gra-Shuzgub Female Orc Warrior Imperial Legion Recruit(Recruit) 4 83 84 0 30


  • The rats and skeletons will attack on sight, but Baladas and his Daedroth and Dwemer Centurion guardians will not be hostile unless provoked.
  • The Berandas Propylon Index is on the top shelf next to Baladas Demnevanni, it can be difficult to see, so you'll need to look carefully. Baladas does not own it, so you can take it without stealing.
  • One of the chests in the storage room with the skeletons contains a Random excellent melee weapon piece of loot in addition to the magical item, gold, and gems. At a player-character level of 18 or greater it can be any daedric melee weapon.
  • This location also appears in Online.

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Arvs-Drelen, interior map