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Morrowind:Dunmer Strongholds

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This article is about strongholds of Dark Elf NPCs. For the strongholds you may build and acquire in quests, see Stronghold.


Eleven Dunmer strongholds dot the landscape of Vvardenfell. These ancient fortress were built before Great Houses consolidated, to defend the territory from Nord raids. Their abandonment came after Tribunal declared Vvardenfell a religious preserve[1]. Ten of these mighty forts are connected by Propylon Chambers, which can be used if the teleportation index for that chamber is found. The eleventh, Kogoruhn, was once owned by Lord Voryn Dagoth before he became Dagoth Ur, but it was lost after House Dagoth fell.

Andasreth — A stronghold in a pocket desert of the West Gash region. (map)
Berandas — A Dunmer stronghold with an extensive cave system. (map)
Falasmaryon — A Dunmer stronghold in the northern Ashlands, across the Foyada Bani-Dad from Maar Gan. (map)
Falensarano — A Dunmer stronghold in the southern Grazelands. (map)
Hlormaren — A Dunmer stronghold that lies just west of Balmora. (map)
Indoranyon — A Dunmer stronghold on Azura's Coast that is home to a group of Daedra, Daedra worshippers, and sorcerers. (map)
Kogoruhn — A Dunmer stronghold in the northern Ashlands, southeast of Urshilaku Camp and due east of Falasmaryon. (map)
Marandus — A Dunmer stronghold in the Molag Amur region. (map)
Rotheran — A Dunmer stronghold that lies on the island of Sheogorad, south of Dagon Fel. (map)
Telasero — The southernmost Dunmer stronghold, and sits west of Molag Mar. (map)
Valenvaryon — A Dunmer stronghold at the north edge of the Ashlands that is home to a colony of Orcs. (map)
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