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This article is about the NPCs. For the Guild Guide class, see Guild Guide (class).

Guild Guides are experts in Mysticism who maintain magical contact with their counterparts in other branches of the Mages Guild. For a fee, they can teleport players, as well as any followers, to the other guild halls. Guild guides are usually found standing beside an empty platform; they will offer their services when asked about Travel.

Their prices vary mostly according to their disposition and very little, if at all, by the distance to your destination. They offer one of the cheapest, as well as fastest, modes of transportation. You are instantly transported unlike traveling by boat or by silt strider, which takes some time. Naturally, you do not get any "rest" while teleporting; you will not regain any health, magicka or fatigue when you get to your destination.

There is a guild guide in every branch of the Mages Guild; each one can transport you to any of the other four guild halls.

Guild Branch Guild Guide
Ald'ruhn Erranil
Balmora Masalinie Merian
Caldera Emelia Duronia
Sadrith Mora Iniel
Vivec Flacassia Fauseius


  • The fee you actually pay is different from what is shown in the travel dialogue.
    •   The Morrowind Code Patch, version 2.4+, addresses this issue. Turn on the "Travel price fix" patch in the bugfixes section.