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Lore:Umbriel Crisis

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The Umbriel Crisis was a war in 4E 48. The floating city of Umbriel, a fragment of Clavicus Vile's Fields of Regret, came from the south up through Black Marsh and southern Morrowind and into Cyrodiil. Several major cities were destroyed or besieged, culminating in an assault on the Imperial City

Major BattlesEdit

  • Massacre at Lilmoth, 4E 48. Although the Argonians at Lilmoth were possessed, a number of plantations in the surrounding countryside fought against the horde of undead sea creatures resurrected by the city. They were all overrun and the defenders were also reanimated and joined the march.
    • The cities of Stormhold and Gideon soon fell to the undead army as Umbriel continued to head north.
  • March Into Morrowind, 4E 48. A few Imperial Legion patrols in Morrowind attempted to slow the advance of the undead, but were all defeated and either fell back or joined the march.
  • Siege of Cheydinhal, 4E 48. The undead advanced into Cyrodiil and overran the city of Cheydinhal. The defenders held the city for a long while but eventually they fell back on the Imperial City. The undead did not occupy the city so local people returned there afterwards.
  • Siege of the Imperial City, 4E 48. The undead army advanced on the Imperial City in an effort to take control of the White-Gold Tower, causing mass panic among its citizens. The Imperial Legion attempted to hold the line along the Red Ring Road, but were ultimately driven back to the walls of the city. The Synod and the College of Whispers worked together to bring down the floating city, but also failed. Umbriel was eventually banished from Mundus by a group of heroes.