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Lore:The Way of Shadow

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Book Information
Writer Andrew Young
Seen In:
The Way of Shadow
Translated by Solis Aduro
A reminder to hold true to Sithis

As an acolyte, you must always remember the source of your power, for it can be denied at the whim of our master. You will be tempted by other forces, many of which try to wear a mask similar to our father. They have as many names as the father has faces. You shall remember all of his, and none of theirs, when you draw the runes of shadow.

And remember, there are no shadows without light. Without light there is only the void. We revere this face of our father, but it is not our destiny to strive toward the inevitable. The sun is a bleeding yolk and we will drink of it.

Until then, our scales remain black, and so we serve at the seat of shadow.