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Lore:Mor Khazgur

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Mor Khazgur
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Reach
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Mor Khazgur circa 4E 201

Mor Khazgur is an Orc stronghold on the border between the holds of the Reach and Haafingar in Skyrim, located on the eastern slopes of the Druadach Mountains.


Mor Khazgur was founded some time in the Merethic Era, but has since been destroyed and rebuilt repeatedly.[1] In the Second Era it housed a large stone fortress with many buildings, and had a statue of Malacath at its center.[2] During the Interregnum, Mor Khazgur was located within the de jure Nordic territory of Karthald, although its inhabitants preferred to think of their territory as a sovereign outpost of Wrothgar where Orcish law applied.[3]

By 2E 582, the Circle of Champions had turned part of the fortress into a battleground where they organized gladiator battles to the death, to which fighters from all over Tamriel came to fight for glory.[2] The stronghold itself was ruled at this time by Chief Urzikh, a female alchemist who had won control of the clan by challenging Thulsgreg, the son of the previous chief, who otherwise would have inherited the title from his father according to the clan's traditions.[4] When Urzikh took over, the mine that the stronghold relied on was running dry, causing the clan to descend into poverty. In order to open up new veins, Urzikh applied the alchemical knowledge she learned from her time as a Daggerfall Covenant soldier, making liberal use of a stonemelt solution normally used on besieged castle walls. Thulsgreg, the overseer of the mine and a staunch traditionalist, opposed the use of this potion.[5] Disaster struck the stronghold circa 2E 582 when Thulsgreg's wife Mazog experimented with the formula, causing a cave-in and opening a deep fissure through which Falmer and chaurus spilled through. This incident caused the deaths of several miners, but with the help of the Vestige the clan were able to rescue the survivors and seal off much of the mines. With the loss of so many tunnels, Chief Urzikh planned to expand her mining operations east into the Druadach Mountains, to the chagrin of local Nords.[5]

Mor Khazgur would apparently continue its cycle of being destroyed and rebuilt. In 4E 201, Mor Khazgur was a small isolated stronghold, with one longhouse and an Orichalcum mine.[6] It was ruled by Chief Larak at this time.[7]


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