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This article is about the Orc Stronghold. For the Battleground, see Mor Khazgur (battleground).

"The Orcs of Mor Khazgur have mined the Druadach Mountains since the Merethic Era, despite needing to rebuild our stronghold time and time again. The mine is our birthright and our heritage." —Overseer Thulsgreg
Mor Khazgur
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
KarthaldWestern Skyrim
North of the Karthald Great Lift
Other Buildings
Mor Khazgur

Mor Khazgur is an Orc stronghold in northwestern Western Skyrim. The Bards College instrument, King Thunder can be found in the chief's longhouse. A copy of A History of Mor Khazgur can also be found in the longhouse.

The Mor Khazgur Giant Camp can be found south of the stronghold.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Mor Khazgur Objective: Help the Mor Khazgur clan save their trapped miners.
    • A Clan Divided: Help an Orc stronghold in crisis with the collapse of their mine.
  • Cultural Conciliation: Help Rigurt convince two thanes to attend a diplomatic meeting with the Jarl of Whiterun.



Mor Khazgur Wayshrine

Mor Khazgur Wayshrine can be found by the stronghold's front gate.


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