Lore: Places: M
Type Argonian Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Shadowfen
(Reticulated Spine)
Appears in ESO
Mazzatun ca. 2E 582

Mazzatun is a ruined city found in the region of Shadowfen, within the province of Black Marsh. Mazzatun is colloquially known as the "Puzzle City," a domain of cramped walls, twisted hallways, and numerous dead-ends. It is an expansive labyrinth of a once great city of the Argonians. The ruins contain a powerful, mad Hist tree that produces Amber Plasm,[1] a strange substance that drives whoever ingests or bathes in it mad.[2]


At one point in time, Mazzatun was once a well-established city that would fall into obscurity, and into myth and superstition. The surrounding tribes of Shadowfen have very little information regarding Mazzatun's background but are told to stay away from the ruins, as an ancient and demented Hist lives there.[1] This Hist tree would produce Amber Plasm, which is not typical Hist Sap. It has been likened to chaotic creatia, and when ingested, drives Saxhleel mad. It had grown from this specific Hist since long before early Argonian history. The Xit-Xaht tribe of Argonians would inhabit the ruins of Mazzatun, and consume the Amber Plasm. They went mad, and were forced to rebuilt Mazzatun. When the Knahaten Flu had broken out in 2E 560, a detachment of the Great House Redoran was sent to Mazzatun, to clear out the Xit-Xaht, believing that they caused the disease. An expeditionary force would follow and study the ancient ruins. But at one point, the Xit-Xaht had returned, reclaiming the Hist Tree and its Amber Plasm.[1]

During the Interregnum around 2E 582, the Undaunted were hired by an Argonian tribesman of the Su-Zahleel, to kill the Tree-Minder, Na-Kesh, and free the Xit-Xaht from their slavery. The Undaunted trekked through the ancient ruins, rescuing the Su-Zahleel elders, and defeating Na-Kesh's champions. In the end, Na-Kesh was defeated. The Su-Zahleel elders gathered around the Hist Tree, recognizing its pain and suffering. In their effort to calm it, they put the Hist into a sleep that lasted for an indeterminate amount of time. Regardless, the Su-Zahleel were saved from the Xit-Xaht Tribe and the Mad Hist.[3]


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