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Race Hist Gender No Gender
Resided in Mazzatun
Appears in ESO

Tsono-Xuhil is the mad Hist of Mazzatun, kin to the Xit-Xaht tribe. Tsono-Xuhil resides atop the pinnacle of Mazzatun, known in layman's terms as The Mad Hist's Summit. Here, Tsono-Xuhil presides over Mazzatun, its shadow looming over the entire city. Its sprawling roots stretch out over the xanmeer and the surrounding cliffs, arching over countless eggs nestled in a communal uxith. The uxith extends around the tree outside the walls of the xanmeer, and rests on several cliffs shaded by the roots.[1] A mysterious substance known as amber plasm seeps from its bark and drips to the earth below.[2]

Tsono-Xuhil was obsessed with returning Black Marsh to the pre-Duskfall way of life, and advised its tree-minder, Na-Kesh, in her attempt to manipulate its strange sap to empower the Xit-Xaht. Ingesting or immersing oneself in amber plasm has devastating side effects, most notably madness.[3] The Tree-Minder made use of the amber plasm in accordance with the will of her Hist. She was able to strengthen herself, and transform many of the Xit-Xaht into powerful soldiers.[4][5] The Hist and its tree-minder were not keen on Sithis, for he represented Change. Tsono-Xuhil despised Change, and sought order in the city of Mazzatun. The Hist and its Tree-Minder viewed the new Argonian way of life as savage and low.[3] Those who follow Sithis and acknowledge that he is Change now "live in mud huts and eat old fish from wooden bowls"; Na-Kesh and her Hist believed that their people were above such things.[3]

Tsono-Xuhil sought to have a shining city of stone built to house its children—one that would rival even the glory of the Imperial City.[3] To this end, the Hist called to its people, instructing them to build a winding stone xanmeer upon the ruins of old Mazzatun.[3] The Hist allowed them to bring in slaves to assist them in the endeavor. The Hist even created a mighty Argonian Behemoth for the purpose of subjugating Saxhleel from other tribes to build the majestic city nestled in its roots.[6][7] The Hist's madness seeped into the Xit-Xaht tribe, and even the very soil its roots dug into.[8] For ages, Argonians from other tribes knew to stay away from Mazzatun and its mad Hist, for they could feel that something was wrong with the city on a primal, organic level.[9]

In 2E 582, the Xit-Xaht tribe's raiding was put to an end by the Undaunted at the behest of a Su-Zahleel tribesman. The Xit-Xaht had raided the Su-Zahleel's village and enslaved its inhabitants, and the Argonian asked the Undaunted to free his tribe from the Xit-Xaht's clutches.[6] The efforts of the adventurers managed to save at least one of the tribe's elders from an agonizing death involving being drenched in amber plasm.[6] After Tree-Minder Na-Kesh's demise, the mad Hist was delivered into deep slumber by the surviving Su-Zahleel elders, who hoped to alleviate the tree of its psychosis.[6]



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