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ON-creature-Joorahmaar 02.jpg
Race Dragon Gender Male
Born Dawn Era
Died 2E 582
Resided in Pellitine, Elsweyr
Appears in ESO
Joorahmaar together with Paarbahlot and Laatvulon

Joorahmaar is a dragon whose name means "Mortal Hunter Terror" in the Dragon Language.[1][2][3]

Little is known of Joorahmaar's past. In 2E 582, together with Paarbahlot, he ventured to the New Moon Fortress in Pellitine to meet with Laatvulon.[4][5] During the meeting, Laatvulon promised power to both Joorahmaar and Paarbahlot,[6][7] and ordered the recruits of the Order of the New Moon to offer them their power with the use of the aeonstone. The ritual was interrupted by the members of Sai Sahan's reformed Dragonguard. Following the disruption of the ritual, Paarbahlot, together with Joorahmaar, left the fortress of the New Moon Cult.[6]

Although Paarbahlot's allegiances and status as of then were unknown, Joorahmaar was later seen assisting Laatvulon in the Dragonhold. He was ordering the cultists of the New Moon to continue to feed the ritual sites for Laatvulon. Abnur Tharn wounded the dragon and later a member of the Dragonguard killed him.[8][9] As his soul was not devoured by another dovah, Joorahmaar was not killed permanently and can be raised again.[10][11]

The data about the dragon Joorahmaar, documented within Hermaeus Mora's Infinite Archive was shrouded in ambiguity. Various accounts describe conflicting details about the dragon's abilities, with some stating that Joorahmaar breathed fire, while others claim that he emitted clouds of poisonous smoke.[12]

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