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Jaciel Morgen
Jaciel Morgen (childguard enabled)

The Greater Nocturnal, Jaciel Morgen, lies in a waking slumber among the daedra of Shade Perilous. In order to wake her, Deyanira, the Lesser Nocturnal must be banished. In doing so, the player manages to move Jaciel from utter despair to rage, though only for a short while. As she realizes the "why" of the matter, Morgen agrees to aid the player, if indeed the player faces Dagon in the end.


First GreetingEdit

(Her eyes are open, but they do not focus. Her breathing is low and regular.)

Player Response Result
HEY! Hello! Excuse me. Help. Fire. Famine. Pestilence. Nightmare. We have a situation here. Reply 1
[Jaciel Name] Jaciel. I have a message from Deyanira. Can you hear me? Reply 1
[&Nocturnal] Jaciel. In the name of the Nocturnals, Deyanira bids me awake you from your enchantment. Reply 2 &JacielAwake

Reply 1Edit

(She does not respond in any way.)

Player Response Result
Great. Sleep tight. END

Reply 2Edit

Awake. Awake. Awake. From sleep to despair -- And who are you?

Player Response Result
Er, hello. Pardon me if I guard my name, my Lady. Reply 3
Are you the Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgen? Reply 3

Reply 3Edit

I rise though sorrow. I sink with hope. The night binds me in tiny steps.

Player Response Result
Indeed. I see. Well. You ARE Jaciel Morgen, right? Reply 4

Reply 4Edit

I murmur cold memories like the nibbling of rats on tiny toes in sleep.

Player Response Result
Unpleasant dreams, eh? Sorry. Reply 5
Can I read that as a yes, or a no? Reply 5

Reply 5Edit

I fade into the smallest part of my soul, a wisp of a whisper.

Player Response Result
That's very nice. I'm here to free you! Reply 6
Are you the one that can send me out of this land? Reply 6
Snap out of it! You've been released from your enchantment, and we have some serious business to attend to. Reply 6

Reply 6Edit

The shackles that bind me are far stronger than any mere magics. I shall remain here, alone. Let the Nocturnals come and find me stricken here. They will punish me, but they will punish the Dagon far more. There will be war in the heavens. The sky will crack, and the earth will split in two. All mortal things must perish in this howling storm of fire and night.

Player Response Result
Ah, that sounds like it would be bad. Reply 7

Reply 7Edit

It will be glorious.

Player Response Result
I think I'd rather stop that little war before it begins. Reply 8
Look, I just want to get my friend and get out of here. Reply 8

Reply 8Edit

Catch your tears in a sieve of gold, mortal. It's too late for weeping. I have no tears left, and no pity for the tears of mortals.

Player Response Result
We can still stop them! It's not over yet! Think of Deyanira! Reply 9

Reply 9Edit

Ah. Deyanira. Her longing will not cease even in the face of overwhelming loss. How like a mortal she is. I could -- but no. The thought of her tears is almost enough to shake this mantle of anguish from my shoulders. Almost. But not enough. No, The only joy left to me now is the thought that the Nocturnals will scourge the Dagon until the magica drips in rivulets from his hollow eye sockets -- twins to the tears I cannot cry. Farewell.

Player Response Result
Look, you can't get rid of me that easily -- Reply 10
Even if you don't want to help yourself, at least help me get out of here! Reply 10

Reply 10Edit

Farewell, selfish mortal.

Player Response Result
But surely this is pretty excessive. I mean, you ARE a big-time Daedra Lady. Where's your pride? You're going to let those muttonheads push you around -- Reply 11
Look. Things are going south here in a big way, Lady, in case you hadn't noticed. This place is crawling with fire and frost thugs making themselves cozy in YOUR home. Are you just going to sit back and -- Reply 11
All I need from you, Lady, is a passage out of here. I promise I'll treat Dagon and his things to a little sky-cracking and earth-splitting myself, if you'll just let me -- Reply 11

Reply 11Edit

Leave me, mortal. Your miseries are not mine.

Player Response Result
Oh, this misery is yours, all right. Your faithful friend Deyanira says she will die if you don't return to rule. Reply 12

Reply 12Edit

She will not die. Immortals cannot die. Now be off, mortal.

Player Response Result
Right, right. So she can't die. But she IS very worried about you. Reply 13
You're not any better than the rest of the daedra -- just as spoiled, self-centered, and self-indulgent. Like a little baby. You know what a baby is? A puling helpless little manling. Reply 13
OK. I'll go. But you are making a big mistake. (Shucks. Better go back and have a chat with Deyanira. Maybe SHE can talk some sense into this stubborn sourpuss.) END
Look. Don't make me do something rash. I may not look like much, but I've been beating daedra like drums. I'm getting desperate, and desperate mortals are full of ugly surprises. Reply 13

Reply 13Edit

Leave me to my sweet melancholia.

Player Response Result
Fine. I have better things to do. But don't think you've heard the last of me. (That was not a big success. Maybe Deyanira will have a bright idea.) END &JacielScram

Greeting [&JacielScram]Edit

I have nothing more to say to you.

Player Response Result
That's what you think, you -- She means it.
[&SoulDagger] I don't know exactly how to break this to you, but -- well -- maybe you have better take a look at this dagger. She said -- Deyanira -- that is -- Reply 14

She Means ItEdit


Player Response Result
You -- END

Reply 14Edit

Aaaaaa! She is gone! GONE! I should tear your beating heart out and force you to eat it in tiny bites, one wriggling, beating bite each century! I should flay the skin from your body and hurl your living carcass into the sea of my salty tears.

Player Response Result
You and what army of darkness? END HealthHalf AND PainSFX &JacielMad
She did it for you. Reply 15
Found a few tears did you? Reply 15

Reply 15Edit

You, mortal -- no doom so slow, no pain so tearing --

Player Response Result
Nothing you do will bring her back. She'll be back in her own sweet time, from what I understand about you daedra. And for all that sweet time you can think about how little you cared for her, and how lonely you'll be without her, and how much she was willing to do for you, when you wouldn't do anything but pout and snivel. Reply 16

Reply 16Edit

What you say -- perhaps is true. Too fair. But... You BASTARD! You TRICKED her into this, to serve your own SELFISH ends!

Player Response Result
No. It was her idea. I haven't got her kind of vision. Or character. I admit. I'd lie like a rug to save my skin. But I haven't got the imagination to think of a thing like she did. And it would NEVER occur to me that she might do it of her own free will. In fact, I'm sorry. And ashamed. That I helped her to do this thing. Reply 17

Reply 17Edit

Perhaps I can understand. You are a mortal. And mortals see things differently. A mortal must never regret, never feel shame, for what it does to save its life.

Player Response Result
Normally I'd agree with you wholeheartedly. But that's not how I feel right now. Look. She isn't really dead, is she? Reply 18

Reply 18Edit

Daedra do not really die. Not as you know death. But we can sacrifice ourselves to oblivion. As she did. Oblivion is existence and self-awareness without the ability to see, hear, or affect the world. For an immortal it is hell -- unspeakable pain and horror -- absolute loss. Eventually we do return. But not all return as they were. There is sickness. Madness. Change.

Player Response Result
I'm sorry. I hope Deyanira will be all right. She certainly has a strong spirit, if that's of any consequence. Reply 19

Reply 19Edit

It is passing strange, but I feel your comfort, mortal. You have so much to lose, you things of flesh, and yet you do not despair. An intriguing mystery.

Player Response Result
Yes. My flesh does have a lot to lose. And another, a close friend, is also in danger. So please help me. How may I leave this place? Reply 20

Reply 20Edit

All other portals are sealed, but there is a back door. To the north you must cross the Rock Sails to a lesser portal, which will bear you to the Hex Room and the Gate. Four anchors bind the magica forces; loose these anchors, and the portal is ready. To the north is a door. Say "djemekweh" to enter. When you reach the final portal, I will have had time to open it to your use. But the Dagon have set a seal upon passage from all destinations but those of their own choosing. You must go where they wish you to go.

Player Response Result
Not having a lot of choice is refreshing at times like this. Keeps things simple. And I believe I must go where the Dagon think they want me. I'll just make sure I have plenty of surprises for them when I arrive. Reply 21

Reply 21Edit

Your cunning shines with a brightness that craves requiting. In the brightest light or blackest dark, we are equally blind. It may be that I owe you something. Or owe it to myself, and my pride. But if in the end you must stand before Dagon, call on me. I will use you as a link for travel, and it may be that even my modest powers can be one of your little surprises for him.

Player Response Result
Don't think I won't call you. I'm going to need a lot of surprises, and a lot of luck. Goodbye, then, and thanks. Reply 22

Reply 22Edit

Just one look before you go, mortal. Abide with me a moment.

Player Response Result
Well, excuse me, but I really should be going. And stop staring at me like that. You're making me nervous. Goodbye, and good luck. END Teleport_0 &JacielFree
Sure. Go ahead. Look yourself a feast, my Lady. I've little else to give you. Reply 23
In memory of Deyanira, I abide with you a short while, fair Jaciel. Then I must go. Reply 23

Reply 23Edit

Ahhh. So faint a candle is the mortal's light. Faint, and it flickers so! But indeed this faint light of mortals might light up the sky. O, but I shall remember thee. And see thee again before the end. Farewell.

Player Response Result
Good. But. Well. I don't know what to say. And haven't the grace to say nothing. So it's just goodbye, then. END Teleport_0 &JacielFree

Mehrunes Dagon FightEdit

[She smiles grimly and winks, but her face is strained with concentration, and she doesn't not speak.]
VOICEOVER: [sexy, purring, confident voice] I am here, faint candle! Strike hard! Now! For me!