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Lore:Jovron Direnni

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Imperial Battlemage Jovron Direnni
Race Altmer Gender Male
Previous Ruler Zurin Arctus
Next Ruler Welloc
Resided in Isle of Balfiera

Jovron Direnni was one of the prominent members of the influential Altmeri clan Direnni, and the Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel in service of the Empress Katariah,[1] and the first Imperial Battlemage since the times of Tiber Septim.[1][2]

Jovron was known to prove a valuable ally to the Empress, assisting her in creating peace in a time of turmoil.[1]

He was a descendant and an ancestor of several other famous figures. Famous witch, Raven Direnni was his distant ancestor. He was a great great grandson of Pelladil Direnni and a grandfather of Medora Direnni.[1]

Little is known of Jovron 's fate after the times of Empress Katariah, but it is known that Empress Morihatha appointed the Archmagister Welloc as the second Imperial Battlemage since the times of the Tiber Septim during her reign, between 3E 320 and 3E 339.[2][3]