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Valeyn's Familiar
Location Shad Astula
Species Banekin
Reaction Friendly
Valeyn's Familiar

Valeyn's Familiar is the banekin servant of Arch-Mage Valeyn. It serves as your companion during the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit

Valeyn's Familiar in conversation

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After you try the tightly locked door to your cell beneath the Instruction Halls, a Maulborn Black Knight suddenly runs across the hall, a flurry of fire balls pursuing her.

Maulborn Black Knight: "Ahh! Leave me alone. Don't hurt me."
Valeyn's Familiar: "Hee hee hee!"
Tedras Relvi: "What was that?"

The banekin approaches the gate.

Valeyn's Familiar: "Back away from gate. Coming through!"
Lena Dalvel: "This must be the familiar the Arch-Mage told us about."
Valeyn's Familiar: "Master send me. Said to rescue you."

Speak to the Banekin.

"Master send me to make sure you safe.
You smell all right. Look funny, though."
What do we need to do?
"I open portal and we go find big Nord. Name Hatmeer! Or Hadmead? I forget. Mortals have dumb names.
No matter. Come, come. We go now. Big Nord hides in building next to where we appear."
What about Lena and Tedras?
"They stay here. Master says he doesn't want them to be dead yet.
I get them when time comes. No worry!"

After you exit the conversation, it opens a portal to the ground floor of the Instruction Halls.

Valeyn's Familiar: "Time to go! I come back for other two later."

Speaking to it again:

Valeyn's Familiar: "Come, come! Let's find Nord. He hides in building next door."

Speaking to it after finding Hadmar:

Valeyn's Familiar: "We go flying now! To the big rock! Whoosh!"

After you get up to Lena's Lockbox using Hadmar's Totem:

Valeyn's Familiar: "Oh, you need pretty girl now? Wait, wait. One second."

Speaking to the familiar before speaking to Lena:

"Mayhem? Make things go boom?"

Speaking to it after speaking to Lena:

"Let's wreak some havoc!"

After you collect the alchemical ingredients and head to the library door:

Valeyn's Familiar: "I summon nasty Elf now."

The familiar does not follow you into the Library Vaults.