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The Bal Molagmer (Dark Elvish for "Stone Fire Men"[1][2]) were a group of righteous thieves from Vvardenfell who died out early in the Third Era. Although the Bal Molagmer were thieves, they stole only from the unjust and gave to those in need. The Bal Molagmer carried burning stones from the Red Mountain, and their special protective gloves became the symbol of the group.[1]

In 3E 427, Gentleman Jim Stacey, who was the master thief of the Thieves Guild on Vvardenfell, attempted to rekindle the now-legendary Bal Molagmer. This move was likely an attempt to appeal to the local Dunmer, who preferred the Camonna Tong to the Imperial Thieves Guild. Stacey made the new Bal Molagmer a subfaction of the Guild, and enlisted his best thieves to continue the tradition of aiding the poor, using the group's distinctive gloves to give the impression that the Bal Molagmer had returned.[1] Rumors have been circulating among the people of Vvardenfell that the Bal Molagmer were resurfacing.[3]

Gentleman Jim Stacey requested an adventurer to send a slaver's ring to Ilmeni Dren of the Twin Lamps in the name of Bal Molagmer as a symbol of good faith and in hopes she would make a good use of it. It is unclear whether the ring was ultimately delivered or not.[3][1][4]The ultimate fate of this subfaction is unknown.

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