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Lore:Gentleman Jim Stacey

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Gentleman Jim Stacey
LG-cardart-Gentleman Jim Stacey.jpg
Gentleman Jim Stacey
Race Redguard Gender Male
Resided in Vvardenfell
Appears in Morrowind, Legends

Gentleman Jim Stacey was a Redguard who led the Thieves Guild in Morrowind in the late Third Era. Jim was a master thief himself, and was rumored to have possessed the legendary Skeleton Key.

Under Jim's leadership, the Guild managed to establish itself despite resistance from older, native criminal groups, and focused on thieving only from wealthy royalty and merchants rather than the poor. Since the locals disfavored foreign organizations, he recreated the Bal Molagmer, a popular but extinct group of righteous thieves in Vvardenfell, as a subfaction of the Thieves Guild.[1]

Jim used the recreated Bal Molagmer for a number of tasks. One example of a task that Jim ordered the Bal Molagmer to do was stopping a Dunmer widow from having her land stolen by a Hlaalu Councilor who attempted to use a forged land deed, as her husband, a Legionnaire, was killed by Camonna Tong thugs, and even though she was a Dunmer she grew up in Cyrodiil and belonged to the Imperial Cult so the Tribunal Temple would not give her any charity.[2] Another task was the return of the dagger Enamor, where a Guild member had stolen it from Salyn Sarethi, a noble and generous Buoyant Armiger, Jim wrote a note apologizing for the theft and ensured Enamor was returned.[3]

By 3E 427, the Camonna Tong allied themselves with the Fighters Guild Master in Vvardenfell, Sjoring Hard-Heart. The alliance used the Fighters Guild as an extension of the Camonna Tong's influence, hunting down and eliminating the struggling Thieves Guild to prevent them gaining a foothold in Vvardenfell.[4] It is rumored that after Hard-Heart and his lieutenant's corruption was discovered, they were brought to justice—though it is unknown if this was on the orders of Jim Stacey, or the result of an internal cleansing by the Fighters Guild.[5] Other sources contradict the victory against the Camonna Tong, instead stating that the corrupt Fighters Guild and the Tong wiped their opposition out.[6]

Regardless of the contradictions, the Skeleton Key was either taken from Gentleman Jim Stacey's corpse after his defeat,[7] or was passed on to the next Thieves Guild Master after the victory over the Camonna Tong.[5] In the latter case, it is said Jim Stacey went back to Hammerfell to visit his family knowing he left the guild in capable hands.[8]



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