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Anahbi ca. 2E 582
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Born Quin'rawl
Appears in ESO

Anahbi was an ancient Khajiiti figure born from the Quin'rawl Peninsula. In legends, she was a skilled jumper who sought to grasp the light of Jone and Jode, the two moons. When she had fallen into Oblivion, the two moons saved her, only to have Jone's light taken by Anahbi as she pounced across Nirn again. When they tried to take it back, the moons became entangled and she finally took Jode's light. As she made her escape, the moons had caught her in their embrace. She promised to never steal from them again if she could return to Quin'rawl. Ever since then, speckles of stardust remained sprinkled on her brow as a reminder of her vow to never return to the stars.[1]

Anahbi had eventually passed away and was buried in the northwest region of Grahtwood, in a sprawled out temple located east of modern-day Marbruk. It was rumored to contain untold riches, which led to many treasure hunters to perish in the relentless gauntlet that guards them. Her prized treasure was, in fact, an amulet containing Jone's Tear, a jewel cut from a Varla Stone by the legendary First Era jeweler, Azesaz.[2] By 2E 582, the site served as the foundation for the Redfur Trading Post, populated by the Hollow Moon, a band of thieves that steal from the rich and give to the poor. Anahbi's amulet was given to Shan-ra, an official who threatened to send the Thalmor and quell their operation. With the amulet, he left the settlement and spared the Hollow Moon.[3]


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