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Lore:A Dance in Moonlight

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A Dance in Moonlight
An ancient myth of the moons' stolen light

Anahbi looked up into the night. Moonlight filled her eyes, and she knew what she must do.

Many months she trained, jumping over hill, then dale, then mountaintop. When she could jump no higher, she nearly flew. Tumbling out into Oblivion, all seemed lost—but the twins saw and caught her in their embrace.

Anahbi picked the light from Jone and leapt once more for Nirn. Seeing what she had taken, the moons followed suit—dancing a spiral across the sky.

When it seemed they might catch her, they collided and moved no more. Seeing the twins entangled so, Anahbi plucked the light from Jode, as well.

As she made to leave, they caught her in their embrace. Anahbi begged them to return her to Quin'rawl—for that was the land of her birth. Under the condition that she never again try to steal their light, they returned her to her homeland.

Since that time, Anahbi's brow has borne fine speckles of stardust—a reminder of her vow never to return to the stars.