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Home Settlement Redfur Trading Post
Location Redfur Trading Stalls
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Shan-ra is the Khajiit leader of the merchants who run the Redfur Trading Post, a trading coster in northern Grahtwood. He employs Jode's Chariot to guard the settlement.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Speaking to him before Flipping the Coin:

"Ah! Come to do business? To browse our fine markets, perhaps?
You will find things in Redfur not sold outside of Elsweyr!"
What is this place?
"My pride and joy! A trading coster sprung up from ruins thought lost to Valenwood long ago! A bustling hive of merchants and customers!
It has its faults, don't get me wrong, but nothing a little coin can't fix, no?"
What sort of faults?
"Well, one cannot be successful without attracting a few … undesirables, yes? In Senchal, I would be glad to feed a few thieves. They feed the hungry and keep things interesting! But here, in Valenwood …."
How is Valenwood different from Senchal?
"In Senchal, thieves flaunt their abilities and keep each other in check. They give to the hungry, keeping little more than what they need to survive.
Here, they hide in the shadows benefitting no one. They are not all this way, but such is the rule."

During the quest, you can ask him a question about the Hollow Moon:

What about the Hollow Moon?
"An exception to the rule. Valirr makes a good show of the Senchal life. If not for him, I would have brought in the Thalmor long ago.
But times are tough. Each day one of my merchants is fleeced of his wares … this cannot be allowed to continue."

You will need to speak with Shan-ra during the quest after retrieving the lost treasure of Anahbi.

Shan-ra: "Tulira and Valirr working together! Punabi, did you ever think we would see this day?"
Punabi: "No, Shan-ra."
Shan-ra: "Come now, smile! Only good can come of such an auspicious alliance!"
Tulira: "You are wise to say so, Shan-ra."
Shan-ra: "Such flattery! Tell me. Why have you called me here?"
Valirr: "We have a gift for you, Shan-ra. To show our appreciation and solidify our friendship."
Valirr: "And I believe it has just arrived. My friend, if you would do the honors?"

Speak with Shan-ra.

"Shan-ra is honored! Tell me, what have you brought? Spices? Gemstones, perhaps?"
<Hand him the Treasure of Anahbi.>
"Ah ...!
Wherever did you get this marvelous gem>"
The Tomb of Anahbi.
"Legend has it that Jone was struck by a bolt of light. For but a second, she turned from her twin and, overtaken by sadness, shed a single tear. Jode brushed it from her cheek and it fell to the desert below.
Jone's Tear, such a beautiful gem."
Is it true?
"Of course not! A fanciful tale. This jewel was cut from a Varla stone by Azesaz, greatest jeweler of the first era—but it's a good story, isn't it? And will fetch a fine price.
You do your friends credit! Such a prize deserves a fine reward."
What might that be?
"I thought you might have something in mind, seeing as you went through all the trouble of procuring this precious jewel. Name your price."
Don't call in the Thalmor. Allow the Hollow Moon to continue its operations in Redfur. / Actually, don't call in the Thalmor. Allow the Hollow Moon to continue its operations in Redfur.
"Ah, clever and loyal. A rare combination. Very well, I prefer not to have the Thalmor looking over my shoulder anyhow.
Instead, we will invest in Jode's Chariot! Our coffers still need guarding, yes?"
What do you mean?
"As the Hollow Moon waxes, it is only fair that we balance the scales! We will invest significant capital in bolstering our esteemed protectors.
Otherwise, we might find ourselves waiting in one of Valirr's famous lines, no?"
Gold and glory.
"Aha! How mercenary! You hear that Valirr? Your agent wants gold! And will have it.
I am relieved. I thought you might ask me not to call the Thalmor. This will cost me much less, in the long run."
Thank you.
"A modest sum, yes? And I will tell our associates of your daring plunder! Greedy Khajiit from all over Elsweyr will stumble over themselves contracting your services!"

Speaking with him again before ending the quest if you told him not to call in the Thalmor:

"A pleasure to do business with you, my friend. A pleasure to be in business!"

Speaking with him again before the quest if you wanted gold:

"What is the matter? You left before we could finish!"
About my reward…. (Lead to quest completion dialogue)

After the quest:

"Balance will be restored before too long, I think! With laurels, wine, and crushed velvet lining, yes?"
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