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Dark Elves are one of the eight playable races in Daggerfall.

The dusky, fire-eyed Dark Elves of Morrowind are a strong, intelligent, and quick-footed people. They are legendary sorcerers and warriors, with a prowess with sword and bow rivaling that of the Redguards and Wood Elves.

Character CreationEdit

Dark Elf male PC
Dark Elf female PC
"Dark Elves hail from the province of Morrowind. You are part of a tall, dark-skinned people, known to be extremely strong, intelligent, and quick. They are extremely versatile in all manners of skills and well-known as warriors and mages."
  • Dark Elf Special Advantage:
    • Bonus Damage and Chance To Hit = Level / 4
Dark Elf Exclamations
  • "By the Black Isle"
  • "By the Dark Ones"
  • "By the Fires of Dagoth-Ur"
  • "By the Mad Queen"
  • "By the Black Maw"
  • "Dark Goddess Protect Us"
  • "By the Night"
  • "Soul of the Black Knight"
  • "By the Soulless One"
  • "Fireblood"