Daggerfall:Generic Factions

Generic Factions are groups of people which are or were primarily supposed to provide services. However, some of these services were never implemented while some generic factions don't even appear in-game.

You can, on the occasion, be offered Merchants and Innkeepers quests from members of these groups, resulting in a Reputation gain or loss with the corresponding faction.


  • The Merchants
  • The Bards
  • The Fey
  • The Prostitutes
  • The Children
  • Dancers

Of all these general purpose factions, the only functional one is The Merchants, from whom all merchants and innkeepers which appear in-game belong to. NPCs belonging to The Bards, The Prostitutes or The Children are common but don't provide any specific service. They can, however, offer commoner quests. People belonging to The Fey or Dancers are not present in-game.

Knightly OrdersEdit

  • Generic Knightly Order
    • Smiths
    • Questers
    • Healers
    • Seneschal

People belonging to the last four subfactions are found in every knightly order building. They are used to provide guild services.


  • Generic Temple
    • Temple Missionaries
    • Temple Treasurers
    • Temple Healers
    • Temple Blessers

People belonging to the last four subfactions are found in every temple building. They are used to provide some of the guild services available in all Temples. Each Temple faction also has other non generic subfactions providing Temple specific services.


  • Random Ruler
    • Random Noble
    • Random Knight

These factions are assigned to nobles located in palaces.


The BardsEdit

The ChildrenEdit

The ProstitutesEdit

The FeyEdit

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