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The Hirstaang Forest

The Hirstaang Forest covers most of the southern half of Solstheim, south of the Isinfier Plains. Bloodskal Barrow and Brodir Grove form the northern border. The west, south and eastern borders end at the northern waters of the Inner Sea.

The Hirstaang Forest is home to numerous barrows and ice caves. There are only two Imperial settlements on the island, both located within the forest: Fort Frostmoth and the mining town of Raven Rock. Barrows like Bloodskal Barrow, Himmelhost Barrow, Frosselmane Barrow, Kolbjorn Barrow, Skogsdrake Barrow and Valbrandr Barrow make the Hirstaang Forest home to the largest concentration of barrows anywhere on Solstheim. The few ice caves in the region, like the Halls of Penumbra, Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling and Kolfinna's Dwelling, make the Hirstaang Forest as extensive underground as it is above ground.



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