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Castle Karstaag
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# of Zones 5
Karstaag, Rieklings, Grahl
Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Castle Karstaag
Solstheim, Castle Karstaag, Banquet Hall
Solstheim, Castle Karstaag, Caverns of Karstaag
Solstheim, Castle Karstaag, Throne Room
Solstheim, Castle Karstaag, Karstaag's Chambers
Solstheim, Castle Karstaag, Tower
Moesring Mountains, [-24,26]
Castle Karstaag

Castle Karstaag is a fortress in the northwestern region of the island, in the Moesring Mountains region.

Castle Karstaag belongs to the frost giant Karstaag, but it has been taken over by Grahls and his Riekling servants in his absence.

You reach the castle by traveling west from the Skaal Village. There is a direct path over a bridge across the Isild River guarded by a group of Reavers. There are two entrances to the castle, the front door and an underwater route. If you side with Krish as part of the Skaal questline, the underwater entrance will be unblocked. If you side with Dulk as part of the Hircine questline, the main door will be open, but can only be used as a werewolf (see notes).

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

  • The Castle Karstaag: Investigate the ominous signs which have foretold the Bloodmoon Prophecy by investigating Castle Karstaag.
  • Siege of Castle Karstaag: Stop a rebellion in this castle far to the north on the island.


  • If you sided with Dulk as part of the quest Siege of Castle Karstaag, your only method of entry will be through the main door. However, this entrance can only be used in werewolf form, and attempting to enter while not transformed will display the following message: "The master of this castle has only given permission for a werewolf to enter."
    • If you have cured yourself of lycanthropy, this can be bypassed via the use of Hircine's Ring.
  • The tower of the castle holds the last elusive piece of the Daedric armor: the Daedric Right Pauldron.
  • A number of crates and barrels in the small supply chamber east of the Banquet Hall contain a fair supply of Nord Mead.
  • The skeletal corpses found scattered throughout the castle actually hold a decent amount of leveled loot. Be sure to return here after you've finished Siege of Castle Karstaag and you'll walk away with at least 50K to 100K of loot (expect the usual ebony and glass weapons and random pieces of Nordic Mail armor).
  • Castle Karstaag also appears in Skyrim. The caverns are still there, but the castle only survives as a ruin.


  •   The Daedric Right Pauldron may be unobtainable in the German version due to the fact that it is placed inside an icicle.
    •   This can be fixed with the console commands: Use TCL to turn off collision and fly through the walls and pick up the pauldron. Use TCL again to turn collision on again afterwards.