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The dusty town of Ald'ruhn is situated just outside the Ghostfence at the base of Red Mountain. Dust storms are frequent as the dust-brown ground shows. This city is the council seat of House Redoran; their manors are located "Under-Skar", as the hollowed-out ancient land-crab's shell is called. More houses (created from the same shells though much smaller crabs) are found scattered about inside the gates, some of them housing the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and other services. The Thieves Guild's contacts can be found in the Rat in the Pot Inn. The Temple is on the east side of town, and further southeast is the Imperial Legion garrison, Buckmoth Legion Fort.

Small HomesEdit

Hanarai Assutlanipal's houseEdit

Hanarai Assutlanipal's house is an evil and spooky looking, yet no-worry house to have. You will have the opportunity to kill the owner during a House Redoran Quest. As you go down the stairs, there is a door that glows red, proving that the owner has a little something to do with the ash statues that have been coming into the city and all the Sixth House Cult stuff. From a roleplayer's perspective, this house would be good for a darker character to have because of the red glow and the fake shrines. It has a bed and plenty of storage options, so if you need a dumping point, it's a good place to choose.

Ienas SarandasEdit

Ienas Sarandas's house is a typical, small Redoran style dwelling. Ienas Sarandas donates his home to the Temple after you listen to him repent of his excessive materialism. It has a bed, a convenient location behind the Mages Guild and around the corner from the merchants near the under-skar, though it offers limited options for storage.

Drinar Varyon's house

Drinar VaryonEdit

Drinar Varyon is a smuggler related to an Imperial Legion and a House Hlaalu quest. He keeps the facade of a pot maker to disguise his true job. Upon completing either of the two quests, he's removed from the game enabling the player to move into the house. There are a lot of pots around the house that need to be cleaned out to make use of the space, but it has some usable storage space and is right next door to Ienas Sarandas's house.

Large HomesEdit

Morvayn Manor

Morvayn ManorEdit

Morvayn Manor is very unique place, mainly because it is filled with corprus monsters responsible for killing the Redoran Councilor Remas Morvayn. His widow, Mistress Brara Morvayn, replaced him in the Council and took refuge in temporary quarters in the Redoran Council Hall.

Inside the manor itself, a locked door (with key on a nearby shelf) leads to the lower areas. There are a few respawning monsters in there and a dead body, but you can do whatever you like to the house. The dead body is not safe storage, as it will disappear after three days. There is plenty of storage space, however, with nine crates, six barrels, and assorted other containers. With the darkness and the respawning monsters there are definitely safer places to call home, but this one is serviceable.