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MW-icon-effect-Corprus.jpg Corprus
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 2500
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This effect is given by catching the Corprus disease. When included in a spell with other effects, it causes some of the other effects to strengthen over time. On its own, it does not actually do anything, the actual effects of Corprus are represented by their respective effects, like any disease.

After contracting corprus as part of the Main Quest, it will be accompanied by several Drain Attribute effects that lower your Willpower, Intelligence, Personality and Speed, as well as Fortify Attribute effects that raise your Strength and Endurance. These effects all start off with a magnitude of 1, but will increase in magnitude over time until you cure yourself. Each time the disease increases in magnitude, you will receive a popup message: "Your case of Corprus has worsened."

NPCs will react with fear and disgust towards you when you are infected with the disease. There are only two ways to contract this disease—during the Sixth House Base quest for the Main Quest, which is completely unavoidable, and fighting Tanusea Veloth. This can happen before or during Disease Carrier quest. You can only cure yourself of the disease if you contract it during the Sixth House Base quest, and there is only one way to get rid of it—complete the Corprus Cure quest immediately afterwards. You cannot cure the corprus contracted from Tanusea.


  • Despite what Divayth Fyr says about Corprus making its victims immune to other diseases, it is still possible to contract other diseases while afflicted with Corprus. You only receive immunities to disease after drinking Divayth Fyr's potion.
    • It's worth noting that you can still catch common diseases with Weakness to Common Disease even after you receive 100% Resist Common Disease from the Corprus cure. This is helpful if you want to become a Vampire and/or Werewolf later on.


  • Contracting the disease from Tanusea before completing the Main Quest will prevent you from completing it.
  • It is possible to acquire a Corprus spell when fighting Senise Thindo. However, this Corprus effect doesn't actually give you the disease, or any effects of it, but may crash the game.
  • Fighting, or searching the corpses of, other NPCs with spells with the Corprus effect might add the spell to the player's spell list, or cause other odd behavior.

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