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Skyrim:Zahkriisos (creature)

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Zahkriisos (RefID: xx01FA42)
Location Raven Rock Mine
Species Dragon Priest Soul Grand
Level PC×1 (range=25-60) Type Undead
RefID xx01FA42 BaseID xx0248E8
Other Information
Health 1650-2000 Magicka 320-495
Stamina 0
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Conjuration, Sneak, Alteration
Perks Stability, Augmented Shock, Atromancy, Regeneration, Respite, Ward Absorb, Recovery, Mage Armor, Magic Resistance,
Faction(s) allied apocrypha creatures; Dragon Priest Faction
Bone Meal, Gold

Zahkriisos is a dragon priest found within Raven Rock Mine. He is found in the final chamber, and serves as the final boss of the quest The Final Descent.

In addition to being able to conjure Seekers from Apocrypha, Zahkriisos excels at lightning-based magic, so much so that at a high enough level, he can dual-cast Lightning Storm—a master-level spell—along with Thunderbolt. He also knows the spells Greater Ward and Ebonyflesh.

Upon death, Zahkriisos drops his eponymous mask.

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  • Zahkriisos literally means "sword blood" in the dragon language, though a more sensible translation might be "bloody sword", possibly a reference to the unique blade required to access his tomb.
  • Zahkriisos is the lowest level dragon priest in the game, with a minimum level of only 25. All other dragon priests (apart from Miraak) are level 50, or 60. However, he scales with the player's level up to level 60.


  • Zahkriisos may not attack when he floats up and out of the pool in the final chamber with the Word Wall, instead only backpedaling when approached and attacked. This can make a potentially difficult fight very easy. ?