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Skyrim:Vesparth the Toe

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Vesparth the Toe
(RefID: xx000B8A)
Added by Ghosts of the Tribunal
Location Ashfall's Tear
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level PC×1.2 (range=20-100) Class Warrior
RefID xx000B8A BaseID xx000841
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-0.83)×14
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-0.83)×4
Primary Skills Heavy Armor, Block, One-handed, Two-handed,Archery
Perks Well Fitted; Tower of Strength; Conditioning; Matching Set; Reflect Blows; Deflect Arrows; Power Bash; Deadly Bash; Block Runner; Disarming Bash; Fighting Stance; Savage Strike; Critical Charge;Dual Flurry (rank 2); Dual Savagery; Bladesman (rank 3); Hack and Slash (rank 3); Bone Breaker (rank 3); Paralyzing Strike
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Follower Yes
Faction(s) PotentialFollowerFaction, ccASVSSE001_TempleFaction
Vesparth the Toe

Vesparth the Toe is a Dark Elf member of the Tribunal Temple. She follows what are considered heretical doctrines by the New Temple. She is the descendant of a family of Buoyant Armigers, and wields the Cleaver of St. Felms, a holy artifact of the old Tribunal Temple. Along with others, she forms a circle around the inner sanctum of Ashfall's Tear, akin to that of the Hands of Almalexia. She can later be recruited as a follower if you side with the heretics. She is one of the few followers who are able to dual-wield any of the given one-handed weapons. Although her default armor is light Chitin Armor, she specializes in heavy armor. Vesparth can also become a personal steward.

Vesparth wears Chitin Armor, Chitin Boots, and Chitin Bracers, and carries both the legendary Cleaver of St. Felms and a Steel War axe as her weapons. She also carries several food items, 2 Lockpicks, 33 Gold, and her Journal. She does not carry any arrows that you can trade.