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This article is about the heretical cult. For the building in Raven Rock, see Temple.

The temple faithful in Ashfall's Tear

The Tribunal Temple is a heretical Dunmeri faction devoted to worship of the Tribunal: the former living gods Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec. Following the disappearances of the three Tribunes at the end of the Third Era, Dunmer society shifted away from Tribunal worship and reverted to their ancestral worship of the three Good Daedra: Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala, known to the New Temple as the Reclamations or the "True Tribunal".

The New Temple is the enemy of these remaining sects of Tribunal worshippers and persecutes them as heretics. However, a cult of Almalexia worshippers have established a hidden temple in Ashfall's Tear just north of Raven Rock and seek to restore mainstream worship of the Goddess.


The inhabitants of Ashfall's Tear are hostile to outsiders and will attack you if you enter their temple. However, it is possible to join the cult in Ashfall's Tear as part of the quest Ghosts of the Tribunal. During this quest, you will encounter Hand Kenro Hlan within Fahlbtharz. He is hostile and will attack on sight, forcing you to kill him. You will then have the option to disguise yourself in his clothing and infiltrate the cult. Doing this will prevent his fellow cultists from attacking you as long as you remain disguised.

To permanently join the faction, you will need to confess to Matriarch Drevlan that you are not Kenro Hlan. She will require you to face her four champions in combat: Hand Ethra Mavandas, Hand Kydren Indobar, Vesparth the Toe, and Watchman Sindras. If you manage to best all four, you will be accepted as a member of the Temple and can freely come and go from Ashfall's Tear.

Even after you join, you will still have the option to tell Matriarch Drevlan that you've come to wipe out the cult. This will turn everyone hostile, resulting in a tough fight. You can still complete the related quests without joining the cult, although if you side with them you can help recruit more members, resulting in more services becoming available within Ashfall's Tear. You can also use the Matriarch's four champions as powerful followers.

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