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Skyrim:Night Eye (power)

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Lesser Power
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Voice
Spell ID 000aa01d Editor ID PowerKhajiitNightEye
Duration 60 Range 0
Without and with Night Eye
Improved night vision for 60 seconds.

Night Eye is a lesser power possessed by all Khajiit that allows you to see better in the dark. The Vampire's Sight power (000c4de1) possessed by stage 3+ vampires is identical in all but name. There is also a third version possessed by werewolves (000cb10e), also called Night Eye, which is also identical, but unavailable to the player since you can't access your powers while in Beast Form.



  • The Illusion spell Vision of the Tenth Eye has the same visual effect, though it requires both hands and 3 seconds to cast, and only lasts for 30 seconds.
  • The Vampire Greater Power Embrace of Shadows also has a Night Eye effect built in. This lasts for 180 seconds, but can only be used once per day.