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(RefID: xx035371)
Added by Dragonborn
Location North of Ashfallow Citadel
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 1 Class Citizen
RefID xx035371 BaseID xx03537E
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead) Magicka 50
Primary Skills Lockpicking
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleArgonian
Respawns Yes

Usha is a dead Argonian citizen found north of Ashfallow Citadel behind a barred gate over the stream. By climbing the mountain east of the gate, you can make your way around to jump down into the wooden structure behind it. Usha lies dead on a bed roll with a few empty skooma bottles strewn about his side. On the table next to him are three bottles of skooma, a lantern, a coin purse, and a letter from his lover. On another table, you'll find six chunks of gold ore. To the right of this table is an unlocked chest with a pickaxe sitting on top, and an East Empire Company strongbox in front of it.