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The Small House layout is the most basic version of a personally-constructed home you can create. Once the Main Hall is built, you can remodel this part of the home into an entryway. See the Main Hall page for details. Upon construction it will contain a chest, which is safe to use and will retain its contents even after remodeling, as will all the other storage containers (apart from the satchel).

The following is a list of possible furniture items and decorations which can be added by using the carpenter's workbench in the small house. It is not necessary to purchase or build all furnishing options; you can pick and choose to better dictate style. However, all furnishing options are in a pre-arranged location and only ingredients and standard items can be moved. Oftentimes, the name of the furnishing option only indicates the primary piece of furniture, and actually includes various additional containers and accessories.


Small House

Step Parts Materials
1   Foundation Sawn Log, 10 Quarried Stone
  Wall Framing 6 Sawn Log, 10 Nails
2   Walls 2 Sawn Log, 8 Nails, 4 Clay
3   Floor 4 Quarried Stone
  Roof Framing 6 Sawn Log
4   Roof 10 Nails, Sawn Log
5   Door Iron Fittings, Sawn Log, Lock, 2 Hinge, 2 Nails
Total Materials: 4 Clay, 2 Hinges, 1 Iron Fittings, 1 Lock, 30 Nails, 14 Quarried Stone, 17 Sawn Logs
(1 Corundum Ingot, 6 Iron Ingots)

Furnishing OptionsEdit

A number of miscellaneous items are added with various furnishing options, but only notable items are specified on this table. This includes usable containers, any food or ingredients on hanging racks, or items which can be used for crafting activities. Though they are added to your home, other common items and ingredients are not listed here. Note that the icon displayed for each furnishing option does not necessarily represent what is actually built in your home.

If you're planning to build a full house and remodel the small house into the entryway, you may want to hold off on some of these. While some of the items are retained as they are, or get moved to other parts of the house (notably the Double Bed will be moved into the bedroom upstairs), others are lost, and thus a waste of materials. In particular the satchel from the "Wall Shelves" option (above the chest) will disappear, along with anything in it. The other containers are not affected and are safe. Most of the containers are available to build after remodeling, except the end table, so you may wish to construct it beforehand to gain an extra container (but see note below table).

Small House Layout Furnishings
Type Options Materials Notes After Remodel
Containers   Barrels Sawn Log, Nails, Iron Ingot One at southwest corner with two sacks.
One at northeast corner with one sack.
  Dresser Sawn Log, 3 Nails, Iron Fittings East wall, back. Retained
  End Table Sawn Log, 2 Nails East wall, front. Retained
Furniture   Double Bed 2 Sawn Log, 2 Nails, 4 Leather Strips, 2 Straw East wall, middle. Moved to east bedroom
  Square Table and Chairs 2 Sawn Log, 4 Nails West wall, middle. One chair at table, one chair in northwest corner. Moved below west staircasesee Bugs
Shelves   Corner Shelf Sawn Log, 3 Nails Southeast corner. Retained
  Tall Shelf with Display Case 2 Sawn Log, 4 Nails, Glass, Hinge West wall, front. Moved to west bedroom
  Wall Shelves (3) Sawn Log, Nails East wall, back.
West wall, back. Adds one satchel.
East wall, front.
Moved to west bedroom

Satchel is lost

Exterior   Wall Sconces (2) Iron Fittings, Goat Horns One on each side of door. Retained
Miscellaneous   Firepit Quarried Stone Northern side of room. Adds cooking pot. Lost
  Hanging Rack Iron Ingot, Iron Fittings West side. Hanging items: garlic braid, pheasant, dried elves ear. Lost
  Wall Sconces (2) Iron Fittings, Goat Horns South wall, either side of door. Retained
Total Materials: 1 Glass, 2 Goat Horns, 1 Hinge, 4 Iron Fittings, 2 Iron Ingots, 4 Leather Strips, 20 Nails, 1 Quarried Stone, 11 Sawn Logs, 2 Straw
(6.5 Iron Ingots in addition to the 2 already listed)
When converting, this end table is removed by the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch and related mods, allowing for a bench that occupies the same space. Any contents are moved to the entry hall chest.


  • Although the square table is moved under the western stairs when the small house is converted to an entryway, the new table remains available for purchase. Doing so will remove the entry from the available upgrades, but provide no new furniture or items. (details)