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The Enchanter's Tower is one of the West Wing additions you can build to expand your home from the Main Hall.

The Enchanter's Tower, like its counterparts, the Alchemy Laboratory and the Library, has a balcony area on its roof when completed. A roof canopy can be added to these towers if desired, but not adding the final roof canopy does not prevent the tower from being inhabited, allowing it to be an optional addition. Once you have built the roof, then you can build all interior items in the tower.

The following is a list of possible furniture items and decorations which can be added by using the carpenter's workbench in the Enchanter's Tower. It is not necessary to purchase or build all furnishing options; you can pick and choose to better dictate style. However, all furnishing options are in a pre-arranged location and only ingredients and standard items can be moved. Oftentimes, the name of the furnishing option only indicates the primary piece of furniture, and actually includes various additional containers and accessories.


Option Step Parts Materials
Enchanter's Tower

1   Doors 3 Iron Fittings, 3 Sawn Log, 3 Lock, 6 Hinge, 6 Nails
2   Foundation 2 Sawn Log, 8 Quarried Stone
3   Floor 4 Quarried Stone
  Main Supports 10 Sawn Log, 10 Nails
4   First Floor Walls Sawn Log, 3 Clay
  Second Floor Supports 4 Sawn Log, 12 Nails
5   Second Floor Walls 2 Sawn Log, 6 Clay
6   Roof Sawn Log, 4 Quarried Stone
7   Roof Canopy Sawn Log, 6 Nails
Total Materials: 9 Clay, 6 Hinges, 3 Iron Fittings, 3 Locks, 34 Nails, 16 Quarried Stone, 24 Sawn Logs
(3 Corundum Ingots, 12.4 Iron Ingots)

Furnishing OptionsEdit

The "Level" column in the table notes the level on which the furnishing option is placed: 1 for the downstairs level, 2 for the upstairs level, and R for the rooftop balcony.

Enchanter's Tower Furnishings
Type Options Materials Level Notes
Containers   Chest Sawn Log, Nails, Iron Fittings, 2 Hinge, Lock 1 South wall. Adds one sack.
  Cupboard 2 Sawn Log, 4 Nails, Iron Fittings 2 Northwest side.
Adds a chest to the Containers category.
  End Table Sawn Log, 2 Nails 2 East wall. Adds four strong boxes and one sack.
  Chest Sawn Log, Nails, Iron Fittings, 2 Hinge, Lock 2 Chest appears on the top of the Cupboard.
This furnishing option only shows up after crafting the Cupboard.
Furniture   Display Case on Low Table 2 Sawn Log, 4 Nails, Hinge, Glass 1 North-northwest. End Table with small Display Case, holds soul gem brazier.
  Tall Shelf 2 Nails, Sawn Log, Hinge, Glass 1 Southwest wall. Adds low stand with one sack. If you built the chest, it sits underneath. This is actually a large Display Case that's mislabeled in the menu, rather than a "shelf".
Weapon Racks   Armor Mannequin Sawn Log, Nails, Quarried Stone 2 East wall, just north of door.
  Weapon Plaque Sawn Log, Iron Fittings 2 South wall.
  Weapon Racks (3) 2 Sawn Log, 2 Iron Fittings 2 Southwest wall.
Shelves   Tall Shelf 2 Sawn Log, 4 Nails 1 West wall. Adds giant lichen and snow fox pelt.
  Wall Shelf Sawn Log, Nails 2 East wall. Adds three soul gem braziers and human skull.
Exterior   Chair Sawn Log, Nails R North side. Adds low stand with one satchel and a sample of glow dust.
Miscellaneous   Arcane Enchanter Sawn Log, Nails, Glass, Refined Moonstone, Iron Ingot, Grand Soul Gem (filled with grand soul), Gold Ingot 2 North wall. Adds one satchel.
  Brazier 2 Iron Ingot 2 West wall. South of ladder.
Brazier 2 Iron Ingot 2 South wall. Between "Weapon Plaque" and "Weapon Racks (3)" if you built them.
  Mounted Goat Head Leather Strips, Goat Hide 1 Northwest wall.
  Wall Sconce Iron Fittings, Goat Horns 2 Northwest wall.
Total Materials: 3 Glass, 1 Goat Hide, 1 Goat Horns, 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Grand Soul Gem, 6 Hinges, 7 Iron Fittings, 5 Iron Ingots, 1 Leather Strips, 2 Locks, 22 Nails, 1 Quarried Stone, 1 Refined Moonstone, 17 Sawn Logs
(2 Corundum Ingots, 14.2 Iron Ingots in addition to the 5 already listed above)


  • Before constructing an Enchanter's Tower, you might want to consider that you can build an Arcane Enchanter in your Main Hall without it, which will actually be positioned only a few steps away from the one in the tower.


  • The texture on the decorative ring around the balcony area is placed inside out.