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Skyrim:Saering's Watch

Skyrim: Places: Dragon Lairs
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Dragon Lair:
Saering's Watch
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 25
Draugr, Dragon
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2SaeringsWatchExterior01, DLC2SaeringsWatchExterior02
North of Hrothmund's Barrow
Northeast of White Ridge Barrow
Special Features
Word Wall Bend Will
Saering's Watch

Saering's Watch is a dragon lair north of Hrothmund's Barrow in the shadow of Frykte Peak, inhabited by leveled draugr, as well as a dragon post-Dragon Rising.

It is the only dragon lair on Solstheim. You are directed here for the quest The Fate of the Skaal, to learn the first word of Bend Will.

Related QuestsEdit

Saering's WatchEdit

The word wall

Should you come here from Benkongerike (up the hill to the southeast from Saering's Watch), you'll pass under two arches before coming upon the lair, where the dragon and the draugr will almost always be locked in battle. Unless you're up for some jumping, you'll have to enter from the northwest, navigating around some rubble. On the east-northeast and the southeast sides of this little courtyard are hut-like structures, the former of which contains an unlocked chest.

Stairs are to the southwest, with a broken shelving unit at the base of the stairs holding a potion. The right-hand stairs lead up to a hut-like structure containing three random potions, two random soul gems (one filled and one empty), and an overlook from which a draugr may snipe at the dragon and/or you. The left-hand stairs lead up to the second level, which contains two upright sarcophagi, one of which is around the corner to the right. If the dragon is here, these will be open already; if not, they will burst open as you arrive on this level. The third level has the word wall, which teaches the first word for the Bend Will dragon shout, and a boss chest. Across from the stairs is another upright draugr sarcophagus. In front of the word wall, a dead skeleton surrounded by candles lies on a table, with two fire enchanted swords laid across it in a cross shape. A random pair of gauntlets and a random pair of boots are on the ground beside the table.


  • The dragon shout word can be learned without the quest active or the Dragonborn questline even started.
  • At high levels, past 30 or so, the dragon/draugr battle can result in a stalemate, as any Draugr Deathlords will frequently bombard the dragon with Unrelenting Force. This can work to your advantage.
  • You can use the structures of Searing's Watch itself to help defeat the dragon. If you use archery or ranged spells, there is a lot of cover, and not enough space for the dragon to land, so you can easily snipe it.
  • If you drop in from the mountains to the south, you can get the shout and leave again without ever triggering the dragon.