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Track down a hunter with a dangerous past.
Quest Giver: Started by reading Guard Dossier: Aesrael
Location(s): Falkreath Barracks, Sunderstone Gorge
Reward: Set of Elven Hunter Armor
Added by: Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter
A dangerous bandit has come to Skyrim

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Read Guard Dossier: Aesrael at the Falkreath Barracks.
  2. Go to Aesrael's camp near Sunderstone Gorge and obtain his key
  3. Open Aesrael's chest and pick up the Elven Hunter Armor

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Rifle through papers in the guard barracks
Aesrael's camp

Once you've installed the Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter Creation, you will receive a miscellaneous objective to search the Falkreath Barracks for a bounty. Once there, read Guard Dossier: Aesrael which will grant you the quest and direct you to the forests west of Sunderstone Gorge.

Once there, locate Aesrael's camp. You must obtain Aesrael's Key from him, either by pickpocketing or killing him. Note that both Aesrael and his pet wolf Dusk will be hostile.

After the key is obtained, use it to open the chest near his tent, which will contain the Elven Hunter Armor, Boots, and Gauntlets, as well a copy of The Crimson Dirks, v7 and some leveled loot.

Quest StagesEdit

Once A Hunter ()
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective : Kill Aesrael
10 At the barracks of Falkreath, I found information implicating a hunter to the south [sic] of Sunderstone Gorge. Apparently in another life, he was a notorious bandit. After reading the note, I found a camp in the area and killed the High Elf.
Objective : Search Aesrael's body
Objective : Search Aesrael's chest
30 ☑Finishes quest