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Added by Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter
Location Camp west of Sunderstone Gorge
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level Class (?)
RefID xx(?) BaseID xx(?)
Other Information
Perks (?)
Morality No Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Faction(s) (?)

Aesrael is an Altmer hulkynd who is encountered at a camp west of Sunderstone Gorge during the quest Once A Hunter. He grew up as an orphan and gave up his life as a notorious bandit, now living at a camp with his wolf Dusk. He is hostile and will attack on sight.

Aesrael wears (?). He wields (?) bow, carries 50 steel arrows a random amount of gold, a key to his chest, and has a 25% chance to carry a lockpick. The key is needed for the related quest to unlock the chest containing the Elven Hunter Armor and a copy of The Crimson Dirks, v7.

He is accompanied by Dusk, who will likely detect you before he does and attack.

Related Quests[edit]

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