Skyrim:Guard Dossier: Aesrael

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Book Information
Added by Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter
Value 0 Weight 0
Needed for Once A Hunter
Found in the following locations:
Guard Dossier: Aesrael
A report on a criminal from Cyrodiil

Status: Active (Capture or Kill), High Priority

Description: Male, High Elf, age unknown

Background: A member of the Crimson Dirks, a notorious group of bandits and marauders originally based in Cyrodiil. Little else is known about the target, although some intelligence suggests he was often used as an information gatherer for the bandits.

Operational Notes: It was originally thought that an Altmer might attempt to blend into wealthier circles, but according to our informant, he's done the opposite. He's stripped his armor and gone native, hunting game in the forests south of Sunderstone Gorge. He should still be considered dangerous, however, and it would be wise to put up a bounty when his identity is confirmed.