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Majid the Mad
(RefID: FExxx823)
Added by Lord's Mail
Location Camp southeast of Fort Greymoor
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC×0.95 (range=10-100) Class Alik'r Warrior
RefID FExxx823 BaseID FExxx80E
Other Information
Health 200+(PC-1.05)×10.45
Magicka 25
Stamina 50+(PC-1.05)×3.8
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Light Armor
Perks Devastating Blow; Barbarian (rank 3); Agile Defender (rank 4); Great Critical Charge
Morality No Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Faction(s) BanditFaction; Blood-Kin of the Orcs; PreyFaction; Faction that is friends with all Creatures; Friends with PredatorFaction
Majid the Mad

Majid the Mad is a Redguard mercenary who is encountered at a camp southeast of Fort Greymoor during the quest Gift of Kynareth. He is the leader of a band of Alik'r mercenaries that stole the Lord's Mail. He is hostile and will attack on sight.

Majid wears a set of red Redguard Clothes and a unique red Redguard Hood, as well as a pair of boots. He wields two scimitars, carries a random amount of gold, the Key to Alik'r Mercenary Chest, and has a 25% chance to carry a lockpick. The key is needed for the related quest to unlock the chest containing the Lord's Mail and a set of instructions named Majid - Please Read.

He is accompanied by two Alik'r mercenaries and can be a tough fight, so prepare accordingly.

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  • The Redguard Hood item worn by Majid is identical in appearance to that worn by Nazir, but is actually a different item. The Redguard Clothes item is the same one worn by Nazir.
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